Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend of Fun!

I have to say that this weekend has been pretty great!! On Saturday I took my niece, Kylie, to see Disney's Phineas and Ferb Live show. I have to say it was pretty cute and we had a great time spending quality time together:

Us waiting for the show to start.

On Sunday, I spent the day with my Dad. We started the day out at the Drag Strip watching some racing. It was weird being out there and him not racing but hopefully his car will be ready for a race at Thanksgiving. I HATE being a spectator and not out on the starting line. 

After a few hours at the track we drove an hour to St. George, Utah to have lunch here:

You can never ever go wrong with Cracker Barrel! I really wish we had one close to us in AZ. I could spend hours in their store and I am determined to get 2 of the rocking chairs for my porch. 

Today Lisa, me and Kylie went to get pedicures. It was a nice relaxing time getting pampered with my sister and niece. We have been going to the same place in Vegas for about 6 years now and I hate going anywhere else. Afterwards we got lunch and headed home to just hang out. This week I plan on taking the kids to the park a lot to give my brother in law a break for a bit.

It was a wonderful weekend and it made the time fly by. In less than 2 weeks my hubby will be driving up here and we have his brothers wedding. Then on the 21st we will be headed home to AZ. I am beyond excited to see him! We have been getting the ball rolling the last few days on buying a house in El Paso. We have contacted a realtor there and she is setting up a website for us to look at homes and get ideas. We are still extremely excited about this move and are looking at the amazing positives of it (even though I have had several people want to give me their negative opinions about it). We are embracing this move and looking forward to this whole new and wonderful adventure.

I hope you all have had an amazing weekend!!!


  1. My goal too to have Cracker Barrel chairs out front!!! I love them so freaking much! :)

  2. Buying a house! That must be so exciting! :)

  3. Cracker Barrel always has so many of those rockers out front, surely they wouldn't notice if one or two went missing? ;-)

  4. Hi lovely and sweet lady! Im glad u had a great weekend. America sounds so fun. Husband and i might fo for a muchneeded holiday next year! I am so annoyed with myself because i swear i followed your blog a ages ago but i just realised its never gone through properly. Its fixed now and u can be sure i will be hanging around here a lot :) much love from australia xx

  5. It sounds like you're having a great time! Don't let people give you crap - home buying is hard enough without the negativity!

  6. Glad you had a wonderful weekend. And now you're making ME want Cracker Barrel!

  7. Yum! Cracker Barrel is my favorite breakfast place. It sounds like you a had a fun weekend. I'm so glad for you!

  8. sounds like a great weekend! Cracker barrel is yummy! The only one I know if in Tempe well slash Phoenix area!


  9. It sounds like you guys had an awesome time. I love me some Cracker Barrel. We are fortunate enough to have them all over the place around here!

  10. Wahoo new house! That is awesome that your dad drag races! We use to go to NasCar and motorbike speedway to see a good friend race all the time back in Cali!... I need a pedi sooo bad. ;)


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