Monday, October 8, 2012

Scarf Swap

A few weeks ago I signed up for a fun Scarf Swap hosted by the wonderful Allie @ A Day in A joyful Life

I got paired up with the awesome Sara @ You.And.Me.Are.We 

This is Sara and her husband!

I highly suggest checking out her blog (if you haven't already), she is such a sweet girl and her blog is amazing!! She is very open and honest which is hard to find anymore and is just a genuinely nice person. I would love to meet her one day because I know that we would hit it off instantly! Please please check out her blog.

I loved shopping for her and even my husband joined in the fun. She said that she loved blues, purples and corals. I was able to find a beautiful coral color scarf for her that I was pretty certain she would love. 

I was so excited to participate in this swap and I was not disappointed. Sara picked out a beautiful scarf for me and I cannot wait to wear it (since being in Las Vegas with 100 degree weather isn't ideal for scarf wearing lol).

Seriously, how awesome is this scarf??! I love it!

Don't mind the horrid mess that I am in this picture haha, this is the result of being up at 5am.

I had an awesome time doing this swap, Sara has turned out to be a pretty great bloggy friend! 

Thanks again to Sara for my scarf and thanks to Allie for hosting!


  1. The scarf looks great on you! I'm so glad you love it :) I had a fantastic time with the swap, too. It's always wonderful when you're paired up with a great partner!

    P.S. Allie's post is now live, so you can link up this reveal post!

  2. I love the new scarf! What an awesome idea!

  3. You have a really nice blog, I stop over from Allies scarf swap! :)

  4. I love the scarf you got!! I'm so glad you participated and had a nice experience :)

  5. Love that scarf! What a cool swap!

  6. I am glad you live far away I would steel it. Love Love!

  7. Hey Jen ~

    Cool scarf! I LOVE wearing them in the fall!!

    By the way ~ Nominated your blog for the Liebster award. It will post on my blog tomorrow at 7:30 pacific!
    Hope you like it!


  8. Super beautiful scarf! :) I'm so obsessed with swaps, it's ridiculous!

    Visiting from the scarf swap, hope you have a great night!

  9. I wish I would have participated in this. Another blog friend of mine did this too. So cool!


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