Monday, November 20, 2017

An Eventful Weekend!

It's hard to believe that it's Monday again! Speaking of it being Monday, it's my sister, Lisa's, birthday!!!! Yay! Happy Birthday, sis! You are the best.
We had a pretty packed weekend and it was awesome! 

On Friday, a group of us from Stroller Strong Moms got tickets to seeing the broadway show Waitress in Kansas City. We all met in the city to have dinner beforehand. It was fun having a few drinks and just unwinding. The show started at 7:30pm and it was amazing! If you ever get a chance to see it you must. We all loved it. Afterwards we had to do a plank photo. Our group is doing a plank challenge for Thanksgiving and what a perfect place to do one haha.
I didn't get home until about midnight (which for the record is the longest I've stayed out in a long time lol). Thankfully we didn't have a race Saturday morning so we were able to sleep in a bit.

Saturday started with a FaceTime call to our niece, Kylie, because it was her birthday!!! It's hard to believe that she is 11. Time is flying by and we can't wait to see her (and everyone else) soon.
This was a day we had been looking forward to for a while. We were taking E on the Midland Railway Santa train with friends. We bought tickets weeks ago and it certainly did not disappoint. We opted for the first class tickets which got us unlimited cookies, hot chocolate, cider, coloring books for the kiddos and better seating. E loved it!!! She especially enjoyed when the carolers started singing. It was an 11 mile out and back train ride which took about 2 hours. We got to see Santa and Mrs. Claus in their own decorated car and take photos. She was unsure but she didn't cry so we call that a win. 
We had a lot of fun with ours friends and the girls were so happy. Definitely a win in our book!

Sunday, we were up bright and early for the Turkey Trot 5k on post. It was nice only being 5 minutes away from home haha. It was an out and back course which I didn't mind. It was pretty cold at the start (I think 32 degrees) but I ended up running faster than I expected to so I was thrilled.
We had a good showing for SLAM which is always a good time.
We ended the day with running a few errands and just hanging out around the house. We had planned to decorate for Christmas but honestly the day got away from us. That's okay. :) 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Running For A Cause

A few weeks ago I threw my name into the lottery for the Chicago Marathon. I was content to wait for the lottery and take my chances. However, about a week ago a good friend of mine put me in contact with the Homes for our Troops organization because they field a team to fundraise and run the Chicago Marathon and other events. 

For those who are not familiar with Homes For Our Troops they are remarkable organization that builds and donates homes to severely injured post 9/11 veterans. My friend's husband received a home through this organization and it has been such a huge blessing. 
They ensure that these selfless individuals are given an opportunity to live as independently as possible. Not only does this organization provide homes but they also stay in contact with the veteran to ensure they are continuing to be taken care of. Since 2004 they have built 240 specially adapted homes, which to me is amazing. 

After talking to the team lead I realized that this is the direction I wanted to go. On October 7, 2018, I will be running the Chicago Marathon as part of the Homes For Our Troops team! 
Over the next year I will be fundraising for and ensuring that the word gets out about this organization that gives so much to the military community. I am thrilled beyond words to combine two things I'm passionate about: the military/veterans and running. 

Any sort of support is appreciated, both moral and monetary. If you feel inclined to donate here is the link to my fundraising page. Thank you all so much for the support during this process!

Feel free to share this link as well. I want everyone to know about this amazing organization that does so much for so many. 

Here is to a great year of training and fundraising!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

What I Love Wednesday

I always love the chance to share the things that I have been loving lately! You never know you may end up loving something on this list too. 

I'm not going to lie, I hate wearing pants when I work out. However, these ones aren't terrible. I love the high waist and with the mesh panels it seems like I won't feel suffocated. It is getting colder here so leggings are a must. 
*This Chicken and Dumplings recipe from Kelsey at Pardon My French. 

It is always a go to in our house when it's cold out because it's hearty and warm. The best part? E absolutely loves it! You must make it. It's so delicious! It's even good the next day for leftovers.

My favorite part of the holidays are the special baking shows! Food Network knocks it out of the park every single year and it makes me want to break out all of my baking tools and get to work haha. Is anyone else addicted to these shows?

I'm normally not weird about running shoes but let me just sing the praises of these! My feet changed shape pretty drastically after having E so getting measured again was a must and these have been awesome. I only wear them to run and not for anything else, I definitely think that helps.
*All things Christmas! Now don't get mad at me, I know that we still have to celebrate Thanksgiving next week. However, I am loving seeing all of the Christmas lights being hung, trees being constructed, and the general feeling of the holidays. There are so many holiday events happening in this area and we are loving it. It also reminds me that we get to be with family again this Christmas and we are so so thankful for that.

What are you loving lately?

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Another Weekend Recap + A Milestone

What a weekend! I feel like it flew by and here we are on another Monday. Kyle had Friday off which was nice so we made sure to make the most of the time. 

I always look forward to Kyle's days off because that means he can go to SLAM with me. This was a Veterans Day class and we did the hero WOD Murph. It was a slightly modified version but it was awesome and a tough workout. Pretty sure we both are still sore. 
 Later in the day we decided to take a trip to IKEA. We wanted to get E a table for her play area and a new rug. Clearly she loves the rug haha. I could spend all day in this store but that's not good for our bank account haha.
Saturday morning we were up bright and early for our 100th race!!! It was a Veterans Day 5k in Kansas City. We picked up our friends, Lauren and Anne, and headed off. A few of us from SLAM were running and it was fun! Normally Kyle runs ahead of me with E but we decided to run this together and I'm so glad! The course was a bit long but it happens, it was a great race.
We had shirts made that said, "575 miles, 100 races, 8 states, 1 hell of a good time". E also had a shirt that said "Team Smith 30" since this was her 30th race. Lauren gave us a jar of 100 caramel m&ms (our favorite) and she also coordinated for another friend to put balloons on our door for when we arrived home. It was such an awesome surprise and a great way to commemorate our 100th race. We are so thankful for such great friends!

Afterwards we headed home and got ready for the Veterans Day Parade in town. A few people that we knew were walking in the parade so it was fun to see them and support the town. It was definitely cold out but completely worth it. We ended the day with Olive Garden and called it a night pretty early.
Sunday morning we were up early again. Kyle and I were running the Gobbler Grind Half Marathon. Our friend, Lauren, was awesome enough to watch E for us since they didn't allow strollers on the course. I understand why because it ended up being mostly ran on a paved trail that was not very wide. 

It was a beautiful course that was a modified out and back. Kyle and I had some goals in mind but we didn't really talk about it. He wanted a sub 2 hour half and he did it! I secretly wanted to best my time from the KC Half and I did! It was definitely cold so we were thrilled when it was over haha. 
The rest of the day was spent relaxing and hanging out at home. E is walking like crazy now and it's so fun watching her "run" around the house and play.

It was a great weekend for sure!

Hope you all had a good one. 

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Life Lately

I feel like I haven't done a proper life update in a while. 

Here is what's happening in our neck of the woods.

*We are entering the holiday season and it's so exciting! We are staying here for Thanksgiving and will be celebrating with great friends BUT we are going to Florida for Christmas. Cue the excitement!!! I am thrilled that we will get to spend Christmas with family. It's going to be an amazing week there. 
*We are roughly 1 month away from finding out whether or not we are staying in Kansas for another year or moving in June. It's really nerve-wracking. We would love to stay here but the thought of moving on is exciting. No matter what happens we will embrace it.

*Around the same time that we find out about our Army future I will find out if I made it into the Chicago Marathon! On October 31st, I entered the lottery and am keeping my fingers crossed. I figured I have nothing to lose from entering so why not give it a shot.
*Speaking of running, we will run our 100th race on Saturday! Holy cow! I can't believe we have reached this point haha. We are running a Veterans Day 5k which I think is pretty fitting and a lot of our friends are running it as well. It's going to be a great morning.

*Kansas is finally bringing us some pretty cold temperatures. We have lived in pretty hot climates with mild winters for the last few years so this is all new. The fact that we got snow on Halloween is a preview of what we are in for haha.
*We are starting to plan a lot of fun Christmas outings. We booked a Santa Train experience for E next weekend and we are so excited. It is an 11 mile train ride with unlimited hot chocolate, cider, and cookies. It's going to be such a fun family outing. All of the tree lightings and other events just makes this time of year that much more special especially with E.

What's happening in your life lately?

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Great Pumpkin Swap!

One of the things I look forward to every fall is the Great Pumpkin Swap hosted by Kristin from Stuff, Things, etc. and Becky from Rebeckann's Random Thoughts. I've participated in it for the last several years and it's always so much fun.
I was paired up again with the amazing, Rachel from A Nesting Nomad. I've been following her blog for several years and I just think she is wonderful. She currently lives in Australia and I knew what she sent was going to be awesome.

She put together the best box and it was so fun receiving a package from out of the country. I mean who doesn't love receiving goodies from another country. 

Let me start with the sweet treats! Oh my! These caramello koalas were so so good haha. I'm not going to lie they disappeared pretty quickly. 
 Rachel must know my love of chocolate because she sent some of the most delicious chocolate goodies. I have to say that Tim Tam is now a favorite. Yum! 
She also sent some fun things to use. These magnetic picture frames are awesome and they will definitely be making a home on our fridge (well once E moves her magnets out of the way haha).
 2018 calendar planner. I have been looking for one for next year and it was perfect that she sent one.
 The love of food sticker book! This is so fun and will get used with the planner. 
Now, my favorite things in the entire package that she sent are these amazing finger puppets. E absolutely loves them and we play with them everyday. They are designed in Australia, made in Nepal with wool from New Zealand. I honestly couldn't asked for anything better.
Thank you so so much, Rachel!!! I hope you love the package I sent you as much as I love what you sent me.

Thanks Kristin and Becky for hosting!

Friday, November 3, 2017

Day In The Life

I was inspired by the lovely Kait when I read her day in the life post a few weeks back. I thought it would be fun to write out what a day typically looks like in our house.

7:00am- This is usually the time I get out of bed. Kyle is out of the house by 4:30am everyday and back by the time we get up. I make sure I get myself ready for my workout class before E is up. It's just a matter of throwing on workout clothes and pulling my hair up. Not long after I get up E starts stirring and it's time to get her up. I do tend to set an alarm just in case, if I sleep any later than 7 I feel terrible.
7:30-8:30am- This time is spent preparing E's breakfast, feeding Emma, unloading the dishwasher and doing any other little things that need to get done before we leave for class. I get E dressed and grab our water (her snacks as well) plus make sure that we have everything we need for the workout. She will play for a little bit and yell at me from her play area haha. I'm also usually talking on the phone or face timing with family. Morning phone calls are pretty typical. We head out for class and get there about 15-20 minutes before it starts.
9:00-10:00am- It's SLAM time! I look forward to this time every single day. It's hard but so rewarding. I get to hang out with awesome ladies who are so motivating and just have fun! E gets to interact with her little people friends and relax in the stroller.
10:15-11:30am- Usually after class we will end up hanging out with friends. Some days we will meet at a local bakery and have cinnamon rolls or donuts. Rewarding ourselves for all of our hard work at class haha, of course the kids enjoy this as well. I mean how can you say no to any kind of sweet treat.
12:00-1:30pm- By the time we get home it's noon and time for E to go down for a nap after she has some lunch. I use this time during her nap to take care of things like laundry and cleaning. I make myself a list at the beginning of the week of all the things I need to get done. The cleaning usually consists of cleaning bathrooms, emptying all the trash cans, dusting, and vacuuming. Depending on the time I'm able to enjoy some downtime which means browsing Facebook and playing lots of Solitaire. It's obscene how much Method cleaner we go through haha.
1:45-3:00pm- This time is usually dedicated to play time! Unless we have other errands to run you will find us either playing in E's room, taking walks with Emma, or playing in her play area. After a while she gets tired of me being in her space, so I will find other things to do while she is playing.
3:15-4:30pm- This is dedicated snack time for E and then it means it's time to prep dinner. Kyle is typically home from class around 12:30 but if he has a lot of reading he will go into the basement and be done around 4pm. E can be found wandering around the kitchen "helping me" after she finishes her snack.
4:30-5:30pm- We always have dinner together (well unless other obligations come up) and it's our time to catch up and see what has happened in each other's day.
5:45-6:15pm- Most nights we take a walk as a family. E is usually pushed in her radio flyer and we have several walk routes that we can take and we spend 30 minutes walking. Some days it ends up longer if we stop and talk to friends.
6:30pm-6:45pm- This is bedtime for E! It's the same routine of pajamas, milk, cuddling and then sleep time!
6:45pm- This is mine and Kyle's time to decompress together and just spend that time talking or not talking depending on how tired we are haha. I usually will take a bath (usually end up talking to my sister on the phone during that time haha) and Kyle will sometimes go into the basement and play video games. It just depends on the night. Kyle heads to bed at 9:30 so it's usually me and tv until I finally give up and go to bed too.
We don't lead the most exciting lives during the week but it was fun to document!