Thursday, August 25, 2016

20 Years!

It is hard to believe that 20 years ago I met my future husband! We met in the 6th grade but did not become friends until 7th grade when we had history and math class together. However, this day 20 years ago certainly changed my life in ways that I never thought possible.

To go from this:

To this:

And then to this: 

is pretty amazing to me! 

I am so grateful for this day all those years ago, even though Kyle is convinced that I thought he was a nerd and wanted nothing to do with him haha.

Happy Thursday, everyone!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Life In The Smith House

Well here we are, 39w6d pregnant and still no Emersyn haha, this child certainly is stubborn. I have an appointment this morning, so we are hoping for progress. :)

Besides thinking about the arrival of this little peanut here is what is happening in our neck of the woods.

Kyle is crazy busy with this rotation (even when he is home his work blackberry is buzzing like crazy) but he got home early enough on Saturday night that we could order the UFC fight. I am that wife that actually enjoys this type of stuff, Kyle laughed and said that I was going to put myself into labor with how hyped up I get. It was nice to have that extra time with him to just relax and do something fun that didn't involve leaving the house.

I officially registered for the Rock n Roll New Orleans Marathon in February! I am going it solo but Kyle and Emersyn will be my cheering section on the sidelines. I have had some people tell me that I need to slow down and just relax but when you go from running 8-10 weekly to maybe 1-2 it's hard and starting October 3rd it's game on!

I have also been focusing a lot of attention on budgeting lately, when you are adding a new person to the mix it becomes even more important to ensure that you are being smart with money. This is entirely my lane, Kyle trusts me to handle the money and I have been focusing on monthly transfers to savings, principle payments on our car loan, and transfers into a college we set up for the baby. All of these things are so important and something that I take pretty seriously. We have an amount that is our zero, it helps to have that so we don't completely deplete funds. Excel has been my best friend haha.

Emma has been perfecting her sassy face lately haha...this is what she does when she is waiting for Kyle to come up to bed. She will only do this to him, I am chop liver to this pup.

Hope you all have a great day!!! :)

Friday, August 19, 2016

What I'm Looking Forward To

As the month of August is winding down I have begun to compile a list of things that I am looking forward to in the coming months. I love doing this because it reminds me to plan and make it a point to live in the moment.

Here is what I am looking forward:

1. Obviously, #1 is the birth of Emersyn haha. I am scheduled to be induced on 8/31 if she has not arrived before then. :)

2. Fall weather! While we don't get a true winter here in Central Louisiana, I still have the chance to wear sweaters and boots so I'm happy (I am wishing away summer because 90+ degree temperatures with 100% humidity gets old after a while). I am ready for the leaves to changes and to have that crisp air.

3. I can't wait to take Emersyn to her first pumpkin patch, ride her first hayride, first Halloween, her first visit with Santa, tree lighting, etc. I know she will be really little but all these firsts are exciting. 

4. Starting school again on October 3rd. I mentioned to Kyle last night that I actually miss it and it was weird not starting with everyone else a few weeks ago. He will begin his final grad school class at the same time which is very exciting!

5. Spending lots of time with family. Since we are looking at a likely June 2017 move I want to spend time with family when we can. 

6. Our races we have lined up for the rest of the year which include six 5k's and 2 half marathons ( I am stoked that my sister will be running her 1st half marathon with us!!!). Speaking of races, I normally don't wear my wedding rings when I run because I'm afraid of them slipping off so I ordered these silicone rings from amazon. I'm excited to test them out.

7. Settling into our new routine as a family of 5 (yes Emma and Fishy count). It's going to be pretty amazing.

8. Finding out if Kyle made the promotion list and the location of our new home. We know we likely won't find out until December but man we are anxious haha.

What are you looking forward to?

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Let's Jump!

Yesterday was National Airborne Day! I have to say that this is one of the coolest things about Kyle being in the Army. Watching him fulfill a dream of his is pretty amazing, I've been able to watch him jump a handful of times and we joke that he is like a lawn dart. Last one off the bird and the first one to hit the ground haha. 

He is a Senior Rated Jumpmaster (30 jumps and can perform duties inside the aircraft) and would love nothing more than to become Master rated (65 jumps) before he retires. He has jumped out of a C130, C17, Chinook and Blackhawk helicopters, as well as received foreign jump wings from Cambodia, Canada, and Chile. Of course it can also be dangerous, he has had some bumps and bruises, plus minor concussions but he keeps on jumping because he loves it and his knees and back haven't given out yet. :)

Receiving his Cambodian Wings.

 Receiving his Senior Jump Wings

I love being there to witness his accomplishments and watch him do what he loves to do. However, I will never understand how someone can love jumping out of a perfectly good airplane haha.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Do What Others Say You Cannot

A few months I posted about how I was toying with the idea of continuing on with my education after I complete my Master's degree and go after my doctorate.

When I mentioned it I had a few people tell me how hard it would be with a small child, which I completely understand. However, I also feel that having kids shouldn't be a reason to not complete the goals that you set for yourself. So, with that being said I have decided to pursue my doctorate. I will complete my Master's in May and we will be moving shortly after that, but we will only be in our new home for a year.

As of right now I plan to begin this process in Summer 2018. We will be at our new duty station (fingers crossed for Fort Lewis haha) and Emersyn will be almost 2 years old, so that seems like a great time to me to start. I am excited to begin this journey and see where it takes me.

I never thought that I would have the desire to continue my education in this way, but I have a true desire to work with children, especially military children. It is going to be challenging, overwhelming, but also rewarding, and I can show Emersyn that no matter how long you wait you can still achieve the goals you have set for yourself no matter what.

Have you ever accomplished something that others said you couldn't do?

Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday Favorites

I love these Friday posts, they are really fun for me! :) It makes for a great way to end the week.

Here is what I am loving right now:

1. Olympics! I have always loved the Olympics, but this year seems especially good. I am loving all of the countries that are winning medals for the first time.

2.  I am loving that I have chosen my next marathon! I was supposed to run the Rock n Roll New Orleans Marathon this past February but a sweet little miracle happened so 2017 it is!

3. Roasted Red Pepper Pasta. I found this recipe on the Pioneer Woman's page and oh my goodness it's amazing. I could eat the whole pan of it haha. Here is the recipe!

4. These Under Armour outfits I found for Emersyn. Oh my goodness, I could not pass them up haha. She will be with us when we run races and she had to have her own little outfits. Thank you Amazon for the awesome prices.

5. Snuggles with this sweet girl. It's not very often that she will just sit with me but we have been having stormy weather lately and that means she will. She is and always will be my 1st baby girl.

What are you loving lately?!

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

1st Day!

Today is our niece and nephew's first day of school! For those who have followed my blog for long enough you have watched them grow up too.

Grayson is starting kindergarten and Kylie will be in the 4th grade. I remember the days that they were born and it makes me a little teary eyed thinking about how big they are getting. I am so proud of them and the people they are becoming.

I can't wait to see them after Emersyn is born!

To all those who have kiddos starting school today, I hope they all have an awesome day and a great school year!