Tuesday, October 25, 2016

What I'm Wearing

We are about 5 weeks from Operations Group Ball and I have finally selected my dress and all of the other items to go with it!

I thought it would be fun to share my choices. I ended up going with a shorter dress this year and I am so glad that I did. I wanted to do something different (because of my height it will hit right below the knee which to me is perfect) and this dress is amazing. Rent The Runway never disappoints.

The gold heels I actually got from Payless! Who would have thought?! They surprise me sometimes with the styles they carry. The flats came from a store called Bealls and I picked them up on a shopping trip with my sister. I'm excited to have a comfortable pair of shoes to dance in after the formal portion ends. I'll just leave them in our hotel room until I need them.

The earrings I also rented from Rent The Runway, I'm not big on jewelry to renting was a good option for me. 

I am letting my hair grow out so hopefully it will be long enough to do my hair like this, it's classy but also fun. 

In keeping with the black and gold theme I want to get my nails done accordingly. I do not get my nails done very often because I tend to pick the polish off after a while (yes I know that's terrible).

I am debating on whether or not I want to pay someone to do my makeup, I'm not very good with that type of stuff. I mean I will do my own makeup but that mainly consists of mascara and blush on a daily basis haha. 

I'm excited to have this night out with Kyle!

Friday, October 21, 2016

What My Days Look Like Now

People told me that when you have a baby the days seem to fly by, I had no idea how true that statement really is. 
Trying to fit all of the things I need to get done in the span of a day can be tricky. Here are what my days look like now:
E is usually awake between 7:15-8am, which let me tell you having a new baby give you over 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep is absolutely glorious! I bring her downstairs, change her, feed her, and then she usually hangs out in her bassinet so I can start my to-do list. Kyle is usually gone to work by this time but if he is home he takes her. :) She will fall asleep for an hour or so.

I spend my time eating breakfast, cleaning up, putting away dishes or laundry, and taking care of Emma and Fishy.  I also usually shower and get ready and then get E dressed so we both aren't lazy and in pajamas all day haha. If we have errands to run we will knock those out early in the day.

We always have time on the playmat including tummy time which she absolutely hates haha. It's funny because Emma and Fishy usually hang out close to her when she is on the floor and they just watch her. :)

She is usually hungry around noon and then she hangs out on her boppy and then falls asleep again. This is my prime opportunity to get school work done. My view now is completely different than before. :) 

The classes I am currently taking have been going smooth so far (Psychopathology and Professional Ethics and Standards), but I need to focus and when she is napping it's the perfect time.

Now that Kyle is done with rotation he is usually home by 3pm and he will take over for me. I will have an hour or so for some me time which usually includes a run or just playing mindless games on my phone haha and then I'm in the kitchen making dinner. If Kyle isn't home by then E is in her bassinet watching me cook. :)

It has actually been a lot smoother of a transition than we expected. She is such an easy going baby that I am able to get things done that I need to. She prefers to not be held all the time and that has made things so much easier. 

She has been the best addition to our family. :)

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Semi-Wordless Wednesday: Nature

Louisiana, you never disappoint with your scenery! 

While I am excited to start a new adventure next summer in a new place, I will definitely miss this beautiful trail and Louisiana in general. I never expected to fall in love with this state.

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Weekend Happenings

I feel like it has been so long since Kyle has been able to enjoy a weekend! We wanted to make the most of it and we definitely did.

Friday night we headed out to an early dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant, it was nice to just relax and enjoy each others company.

Saturday morning was spent baking and cooking for Kyle's work BBQ. I have to say it is a pretty funny concept getting military intelligence soldiers together, it is such an interesting group of nerds haha. I always look forward to an opportunity to contribute something and this was mine:

Strawberry lemonade cupcakes, s'mores cupcakes, and hot artichoke and spinach dip. Everyone seemed to enjoy them and we came home with no leftovers, thank goodness!

The rest of the night was spent relaxing and watching WSU beat UCLA. Woo!

Sunday we headed up to Alexandria for a morning of errand running. We stopped at Cracker Barrel for breakfast, then it was off to Target, Old Navy, and finally Sam's Club. I was able to pick up some new running items at Old Navy, thanks to a pretty rad sale. 

Afterwards we decided to take Emmy to her very first pumpkin patch. We have a really cute one about 10 minutes from our house and it was perfect. We did the hayride so we could pick our own pumpkins from the patch. We even saw the race horses that the farm breeds and also where they harvest crawfish. E slept during the whole hayride but was wide-eyed the rest of the time. 

We had the best time and it was so fun to make these memories for her since she won't remember them. 

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Me Time

There is nothing quite like your doctor telling you that you are cleared to run again! I had my 6 week postpartum appointment yesterday and I'm not going to lie I was super nervous that he was going to tell me to wait and that I wasn't quite healed. Despite my fears he gave me the thumbs up!

After my appointment, I came home, put E in the stroller, laced up my shoes and off we went on a quick 2 mile run. It felt amazing! Running has always been my time to just zone out and clear my mind. My training for the Rock n Roll New Orleans Marathon begins on Monday and I am so excited to tackle my second marathon. We also have 8 races coming up in the next few months, a few 5k's, 10k, and 2 half marathons.

I've had a lot of people ask me why I was so eager to get back to running. I'll be honest and say that it's the one thing that is truly mine. I absolutely love being a wife and mom but I need time to myself, I need that time to regroup and refocus, running is that time for me. I am reminded when I run that I am so much stronger than I ever thought I could be.

It's empowering!

I need to feel good emotionally, mentally, and physically if I am going to be of any use. I firmly believe that everyone needs something that is "theirs", something that helps them decompress and regroup.

Do you make time for yourself? What do you do for "me" time?

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Family Time

Last week Emmy took for her very first road trip! I have to say that I was extremely nervous to embark on a 7 hour road trip with a 1 month old and a dog. I have done that drive so many times (I probably could do it with my eyes closed) but adding a baby was going to be a true test. A few people thought I was crazy for attempting this trip.

Come to find out I had nothing to worry about, she did amazing!! She slept for the first 4 hours, woke up to eat and be changed, and then slept for the remaining 3 hours. Just like me though she was happy to get to my sisters and be out of the car.

We enjoyed 3 1/2 great days with my family, relaxing, and enjoying the beautiful Florida weather. She loved being snuggled and loved on by everyone, including my sisters 2 dogs.

One of the highlights of the trip was picking up her Halloween costume! We will all be matching with our costumes, it's going to be so much fun. We won't be taking her actual trick or treating (she is still too little for that) but we will be sitting in our driveway passing out candy.

I'm definitely glad I made the decision to go down to visit for a few days, you can never go wrong with family time. We will be headed back there Veterans Day weekend to run a half marathon with my sister and then again for New Years to celebrate a belated Christmas. I'm so glad that we are close enough to my family that we can visit on a somewhat regular basis, the Army doesn't always make that easy. 
Enjoy your day!

Monday, October 10, 2016

October Is Important

In 1988, President Ronald Reagan proclaimed that the month of October would be National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month saying this:

"When a child loses his parent, they are called an orphan. When a spouse loses her or his partner, they are called a widow or widower. When parents lose their child, there isn't a word to describe them. This month recognizes the loss so many parents experience across the United States and around the world. It is also meant to inform and provide resources for parents who have lost children due to miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, molar pregnancy, stillbirths, birth defects, SIDS, and other causes." 
Too often this type of loss is not talked about, some suffer in silence wondering why they have to endure such tremendous pain. It is important to advocate for those who are struggling with this type of loss and to show them that they are not alone and that they are loved.

When Kyle and I experienced our first loss in 2009 we did not know how to deal with it, with each loss after that we learned ways to get through it even though the pain did not go away. Talking about our journey and educating others has been incredibly therapeutic. There are also many events to participate in that can help, we will be doing a walk on the 22nd to bring awareness.

As I sit here and look at our precious miracle, Emersyn, I wonder how our life would be different had we not experienced these losses. I wonder if we would be the same people we are now had we not endured all we did. We have been forever changed by the five precious lives that we never got to see on this earth and I chose to honor them forever with this tattoo, there are five hearts representing our babies who never got to know how much we love them and wanted them.

We are beyond grateful for our daughter and as she gets older we want her to know the journey we experienced, to know that these babies (her siblings) were so wanted as was she, we want to be honest with her so that she will understand how loss like this happens far more than people think. 

To all those who have experienced this unspeakable loss, we remember your babies, and we will light a candle in their honor. 

Please consider lighting a candle at 7pm on October 15th which has been designated as Pregnancy and Infant Loss Wareness Day to remember all those precious babies that have been lost.