Friday, July 21, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone! I feel like this week has flown by. It's crazy. It's going to be a good weekend in our house because it's my birthday on Sunday! 

There is no better way to end the week than to recap some of my favorite things.

* Stroller Strong Moms workout class. 

I was really nervous about going to one of these classes because I was unsure if I would "fit in" but I was immediately put at ease. I went with a few friends and it was awesome. Being able to work out and take E with me is a huge benefit. I signed up for the monthly membership which is good for unlimited classes. I plan on attending 3 days a week which for me is a good start.

* Shatto Milk. 

In the past I haven't been a big milk drinker but let me tell you that this milk has changed that. It comes from a small family owned farm north of Kansas City and is bottled in glass bottles. I don't know about you but I find something amazing about how milk in glass bottles tastes. I bought this at the grocery store but they also do home delivery (plus they have so many other products like cheese curds and bacon). 

* WTForecast App

This app cracks me up! I really don't like the traditional weather apps so this one is perfect for me. It's  humorous and makes me chuckle every time I open it. Go download it now!

Good gracious, it's delicious! I'm not kidding you when I say that I have made it at least 5 times in the last month. It is simple and so flavorful. I mean you really can't beat a one pan meal. You can add vegetables of any kind if you want. A few times I added asparagus to it and it was great.

I am normally really picky when it comes to shoes but we ventured into DSW and I fell in love with these wedge sandals. They are really comfortable and versatile. Let's just call them an early birthday gift to myself. :) 

What are some of your favorite things as of late?

Here is to an amazing weekend!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Experiencing Life With Kids

One of the most common things we heard before we had E was "You won't be able to do the things you want to do once you have kids". For a while we really did think this way because SO many people said it. We thought that we would be stuck at home all the time.

When I was pregnant we received one of the best pieces of advice from a friend. 

"Kids shouldn't stop you from doing the things you like to do, kids should just be added to the fun."

We knew from the start that we would implement this because we enjoy seeing new places and experiencing new things. We like exploring places and we wanted E included no matter what. When she was born we wanted her to be comfortable in public places, her first outing was at a week old. We did our best to not alter our way of life simply because we had a baby. We continued to go to restaurants and she ultimately learned to go with the flow. Is it always going to be easy to go places with her? No, but why can't we at least try. We aren't strict on nap times, if we are out, we don't rush home so she can nap. She is an expert carseat sleeper, which is so appreciated. We want her to appreciate history and culture, this is why we travel with her. While it may only be to the next town over there is still so much to experience. 

We added her into our running, she LOVES the jogging stroller. She did her first race with us when she was 3 weeks old and has continued to run with us. She sees the stroller and gets excited haha. She is part of that journey now. 

I got a few comments on my last post about how it was irresponsible of us to take her to a distillery (I did not publish them because I don't want the negativity, but I did address them privately because they are certainly entitled to their opinion). I don't understand how it's irresponsible to include our daughter in things we do. She was in a carrier and not partaking in alcoholic beverages. We ensure before we do anything that kids are welcome, if not, we won't do it. It's simple as that. But if kids are allowed and we want to do it, it will happen. We know that there will be things we can't include her in and we know that we need our time as a couple as well.

Life is an adventure and we want to include E in every aspect of that. The addition of kids shouldn't take away from your experiences, it should enhance them. Being able to see and experience places through your kid's eyes is incredible. E is still young but we see how inquisitive she is with every new experience and it's amazing. I can't wait to continue these adventures as she gets older. I am grateful that Kyle and I are on the same page when it comes to this. 

At the end of the day, we are a family, and we are experiencing life together. 

Monday, July 17, 2017

Weekends Are For Exploring!

Since we likely only have a year in Kansas we promised that we would see all that we could in that time. 

On Friday we headed out to Atchison to pick up our race packets for the Amelia Earhart 8k on Saturday morning. On our way home we decided to stop in Historic Weston (which is in Missouri not Kansas). This town is known for Lewis and Clark stopping here and for it being the oldest settlement in the Platte Purchase of 1863. It was also a point for the Oregon Trail and Santa Fe Trail. We are big on history so we were kids in a candy store haha. 

It will filled with amazing little shops and restaurants. An adorable bed and breakfast plus a few small wineries. 

We had lunch at a place called Tin Kitchen. They had some of the best BBQ we have ever eaten!

E was a fan!

After lunch we walked around, checked out a few antiques stores and headed towards home. 

On our way home we came across the Holladay Distillery. We jokingly wondered if they did tours, 10 minutes later we had a reservation and headed back to check it out. They are a bourbon distillery and it is the oldest distillery west of the Mississippi (1856). After 30 years they finally began distilling bourbon again last year and after 20 years started doing tours again. We definitely came at the right time! They also produce different Vodkas under the name McCormick Distillery. 

What an awesome place!!! As we waited for the tour to start we purchased a few drinks. I had a drink that tasted just like a bomb pop, omg so good!

*Yes, we are those people who brought our baby to a distillery.* 

We were taken in the room where the mash is made for the bourbon and where the alcohol is extracted. We were able to taste the mash in various forms which was pretty incredible. 

The bourbon is made with limestone spring water that was discovered by Lewis and Clark. This is the exact location where it was discovered.

Next up was the barrel room, this warehouse holds 10,000 barrels of bourbon. It won't be ready until 2019.

The last stop was the bottling room where all of the vodka that is made is bottled and packaged. We weren't able to taste the bourbon but we did get to try their different vodkas and they are delicious! It was a great way to spend an afternoon. 

Saturday was race day. We were up bright and early to head back to Aitchison for the Amelia Earhart 8k. It was advertised that there was hill during this race. HAHAHAHAHA! That was a lie, there were 3 pretty epic hills (whoever says Kansas is flat is lying, well at least this side of the state isn't). 

Despite the hills it was an awesome run. This is the best I have felt in a while and I was thrilled. I ended up placing 2nd in my age group and Kyle placed 3rd in his.

It was a perfect way to start the day. We ended up with homemade pizza and ice cream in honor of our nephew's birthday. 

Sunday was the standard grocery shopping, errands, laundry, and prepping for the new week. 

I hope you all had a great weekend!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Captured Moments

A few days ago we received our family photos. Words can't describe how much I love them. This is the first time we have had professional photos taken as a family and I am so glad we did. I apologize in advance for the photo dump but I couldn't help myself. 

These are captured moments that I will always cherish.

I hope you all have an amazing weekend!

 We are running an 8k tomorrow in a nearby town that's part of Amelia Earhart festival, so it should be a great time. :)

On another happy note, our amazing nephew, Grayson turns 6 tomorrow. So I want to wish him a very Happy Birthday!! We love you buddy!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Let's Be Honest

I thought it was time for a let's be honest post. They are so fun to write.

Let's be honest....It's hard to believe that we will likely be moving again in less than a year. If an additional course doesn't work out for Kyle off we go to a new home! Don't get me wrong I love the adventure, but man it's tiring the older you get haha.

Let's be honest....I'm really tired of people sending me messages about their MLM businesses. Especially when it is someone I'm friends with on social media who I haven't personally spoken to in years. Don't use my kid as an excuse to send me a message when all you really want to do is peddle your product. If you want me to consider buying your product just ask me.

Let's be honest....I'm desperately trying to find my running mojo again. I've had a few really good runs lately so hopefully I can get back to where I want to be. We signed up for another race so that's enough motivation to get my butt into gear. 

Let's be honest....I had a brief thought of trying the Keto diet but let's be honest we love bread and potato products way too much in this house. Kyle and I would be hungry and desperately trying to sneak bread into the house like a kid hiding a candy bar from his parents. We don't eat terribly but this would not make for a happy home haha. Good on those who can do it, you guys are rockstars!

Let's be honest....I'm not a fan of last minute plans. I'm trying to get better but I usually have my days planned so when something comes up I tend to get frustrated. I need to be better about just going with the flow.

Let's be honest....I am LOVING the Kansas weather. It is a huge change from the humidity of Louisiana, while it is still hot it is not unbearable and that to me is a huge win. I hear people say it's humid here but I'm definitely not feeling it, well I could be immune to it at this point.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Enjoying The Time

Kyle signed back into work today (but he won't officially start anything until Monday) so we are starting to get back into a routine. It has been great having him home for the last month but I know we are both ready for that routine, we all thrive on it. 

We have done our best to make the most of the time together though.

1. We explored the Omaha Zoo. It was only a 2 1/2 hour drive, but it was so worth it! A lot of the bigger areas were enclosed and it made for a much better experience. 

2. We signed E up for hourly care for a few hours so Kyle and I could run some errands and have a day date. We decided to check our Top Golf in Kansas City. If you have one close and have never gone you must! It was so much fun. We had our own golf bay so we could play for as long as we wanted (you pay by the hour) and you spend the time hitting golf balls at targets. We also had our own server, so we had a few drinks and ate some delicious food. It was so nice to have that time together. 

3. E has been loving her water table. My sister bought it as an early gift for her birthday and it has been a HUGE hit. We spend every night out front so she can play for an hour or so.

4. This past weekend we hosted a BBQ at our house. We brought together new friends (and neighbors) and old friends. It was such a blast! Getting to hang out with friends and enjoy good food and conversation was great. This was the only photo I took haha, the bacon wrapped cream cheese filled jalapeños. Of course it was of food. A blogging friend of mine Erica is even one of our new neighbors!! :) 

5. We are loving these Kansas evenings. We sit out on the porch and just take it all in. 

Everyone is enjoying their new home, including Emma and Fishy.

Have a great Monday!!!