Friday, January 31, 2014

Let's Have A Ball!

Tonight is finally our BN ball! I have my hair appointment at 11am and then it will be off to the hotel to relax, have a few drinks and finish getting ready. After the week we both have had it will be a much needed night to less loose and have fun.

Can't wait to put all these pieces together!!!!

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Ask Me Anything

A while back I did an ask me anything post. I got a lot of great questions and had a blast responding. I've decided that it is time to do it again. I'm an open book so feel free to ask anything! :) Can't wait to see what you all come up with. I'll be answering them all in a post on Tuesday.

Happy Thursday!!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

I finally have a holder for our race medals! I made it myself and I'm so happy with it.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Oh The Possibilities!

Over the next 6 months to a year things will be changing drastically for us (and about 3500 other soldiers). With the deactivation of my husbands unit our future is in sort of a limbo state. He is still a company commander but he will be losing the majority of his company relatively soon. With how specialized they are most will be going to other units quicker than we expected.

As far as his career path there are several options out there:

A) Kyle gets selected for one of the fellowships he applied for. This would take us to Washington D.C.

B) He does not get selected for a fellowship but gets selected for Major on his first look at the end of the year. Which means we could go to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

C) If he isn't selected for a fellowship and doesn't make Major on his first look, we will most likely try to go back to Bragg. He would love nothing more than to gain his Master Wings (60 jumps) since he already has his Senior Wings.

I'm not going to lie I do miss the maroon beret. ;)

While there are many unknowns as this point, we will just buckle up and hang on. Whatever this life has to throw at us we will just keep on going. :) I'm excited to see where this journey takes us, it's always an adventure. 

Hope you all have a great day!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Another Weekend Gone

These last few days have been really busy! Thursday night I held my first coffee as the battalion senior advisor at our home. It was a huge success and I am so happy everyone had a good time. 

While we were enjoying a good time Kyle was upstairs putting our new bed frame together. I love it! Yay for not sleeping on the floor anymore.

Friday was spent running around finishing errands and working on 2 papers for school.

Saturday, we headed up to Las Cruces in the morning to pick up our race packets for the half. While we were there we took advantage of the farmers market and enjoyed our favorite burritos and kettle corn.

After we got home I headed off to Payless to find shoes for the ball, I lucked out and found these. Not bad for $15!! I love them.

Sunday was the big day! We headed off for the Biggest Loser Half Marathon. It was a gorgeous day (in the 70's) and the course was a lot of hills but worth it. I started to have some ankle pain after the turnaround but I toughed it out and we still finished well under 3 hours. It may not have been my best race but I still felt enormous pride as we crossed the finish line and completed my 4th half and Kyle's 3rd.

We spent the rest of the day relaxing and working on school work. Now we are in for a crazy week of work, FRG, and school. Capped off by the BN Ball on Friday. Can't wait!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Christmas in Maui 2005

Oh what an amazing trip, looking at these makes me miss my Mom so much!

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Random Thoughts

I made it safely back to El Paso yesterday afternoon and have been going nonstop since then. As soon as I got into town I went grocery shopping then came home only to work on school, clean up around the house, unpack and unload the car and then make dinner. These next two weeks are packed with FRG functions and papers due for school. 

One event to I'm forward to is the BN Ball next Friday. It is at a hotel in town and thankfully we made our reservation to just stay the night there. It will be nice to just wander back to the room instead of driving home late that night. The fun part for me is getting dressed up since I have my dress already it is time to figure out a hairstyle. I made my hair appointment yesterday and I'm taking these photos with me for inspiration:

I'm excited to see what they come up with for me. 

I'm now in week 3 of my current classes, I have finally gotten into a rhythm and I feel like these will be a breeze. I already anxious to just be done but I am loving it. I never thought I could enjoy school this much when I'm not being forced to go. 

This week has also been prep week for another half marathon this weekend, it's in Las Cruces and should be a lot of fun. We are only a month away from the El Paso marathon and it is becoming more real. Yikes!

This weekend also starts Tax Return prep, wahoo!!!! It will be nice to put that money into savings and let it sit there accruing interest. 

Not much else going on around here..hope you all have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Going Home

I'm slowly making my way back home to El Paso today. When I'm gone Kyle always sends me the best pictures of Emma and Fishy:

Love these two!

And he also got suckered into these by a neighbor girl haha


Hope you all have a great day!

Monday, January 20, 2014

A New Do

Oh what a weekend it has been, I came up to Arizona on Friday so help my sister and her family get settled in their new home. They are all unpacked and settled which is awesome. Of course when I'm with my sister we get talking about hair. I did dye my hair a pretty shade of red this weekend haha. I have decided to do something drastic:

You like??? I've had my hair this short before and I finally have the courage to do it again. I will cut it after the BN ball so I can have my hair put up for that.

What do you think???

Hope you all have had a great weekend!

Friday, January 17, 2014

The Results

First, I just want to say thank you for all the kind words yesterday. It means a lot. 

The procedure I had done went relatively smoothly, I had little pain which I attribute to the doctor being pretty awesome. She wasn't in a hurry to get it over with but she took her time and really talked me throughout to keep me relaxed. 

This procedure is when iodine is flushed into the fallopian tubes to make sure they are clear. After my ectopic pregnancy in October they knew this test was a must. The right tube was clear and the iodine flushed out like it was supposed to. The left that's a different story. The iodine wouldn't budge and just pooled up. This is where the ectopic was and it caused scar tissue. As of right now this tube is basically broken. There are two options, A) try to get rid of the scar tissue and repair the tube or B) remove the tube altogether. 

I have to wait to see my doctor on February 3rd before we decide what to do. 

I had a feeling that this would be the outcome of this appointment but I'm not discouraged. 

While this journey has been frustrating we will never give up this dream to be parents and we will pursue every option we have.

To lighten the mood I have to share this photo comparison of Me and Kyle...what a difference 6 years can make:

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Good Thoughts

I have to have a not so fun HSG (google it lol you will see what I mean when I say not so fun) test done today so if you wouldn't mind throwing some positive thoughts my way I would greatly appreciate it! :) 

I've had it done before and let me tell you it sucks. The joys of infertility and the testing that comes along with it. I have plans to come home after and relax because it causes some pretty intense cramping. 
Hope you all have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Go Figure

Since we finally got a bigger bed we needed a new bed frame. We finally agreed on this one, placed the order only to find out it's backordered until the end of January. Haha go figure.

So until our frame comes in our room looks like this:

Nothing wrong with the mattresses being on the floor haha.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Few Favorites

I haven't done a favorites post lately but I thought it was time.

1. My Valentine's Day slipper socks I got from Target. I'm pretty sure I have at least 15 pairs of these haha.

2. My new fruit basket! I ordered it from my niece's school fundraiser and I love it. It even collapses for when I want to store it.

3. My FoodSaver vacuum sealer. I have started to freeze fruits, vegetables and portion our meat. Greatest invention ever!

4. These 3 kiddos! I finally printed out new pictures of them for the house, love them.

5. Gold Peak Tea, pretty much obsessed with this. Recently Target had it on clearance, I have 4 bottles in my fridge. :)

6. I love this eye shadow palette! I only paid $6 for it and it's pretty awesome.
These next few days are going to be pretty busy but I will try and blog as much as I can. I'm excited because this weekend I'm heading to Arizona to help my sister and her family get settled in their new home. So excited!

Hope you all have a wonderful day.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Weekend Recap

What a great weekend we had! 

Friday it started out with a fundraiser for our battalion. All of the company commanders were being dunked in the dunk tank. Not only was the water freezing but they put the tank in the shade haha. They were all really good sports about it. 

That night we picked up our packets for the half marathon and had dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings, food always tastes much better when it's being purchased with a gift card. :)

Saturday morning we got up bright and early for the Fort Bliss Half Marathon. It was awesome! While we weren't shooting for a PR we ended up beating our last half time which was great for us.

Afterwards we had lunch and decided to go shopping for a new bed. We settled on a King size tempur-pedic (we currently have a queen size one). It was delivered yesterday and I'm in love haha. 

Saturday night we headed over to a friends house to watch the Colts/Patriots game. It was awesome! 2 of the other commanders that Kyle works with are really really good friends of ours (along with their wives) and we had a blast hanging out with them.

The bottom picture sums up how our friend Tony felt about the Colts losing. lol.  

Yesterday was more relaxed, I went grocery shopping and spent the rest of the day working on school work.

I hope you all had a great weekend!

Friday, January 10, 2014

1st of 2014

Tomorrow is our first race of 2014! It's the Fort Bliss Half Marathon (my 3rd overall), we are excited for this race because we love running on post. The route will take us right in front of Kyle's company area which is pretty cool if you ask me. 

This will be the first of many races for us this year, we are already registered for 4 and I'm sure that number will continue to grow as the year goes on.

I hope you all have a great day and a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

In honor of my sister and her family moving to AZ next week, I wanted to share my new favorite picture of me and her.

I am beyond excited that she will only be 7 hours from me instead of 12. :) 

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

An Anniversary Of Sorts

Back in late December we celebrated an anniversary of sorts. On December 20th we celebrated 1 year of being homeowners. Let me tell ya it has been a pretty awesome year. We never thought that we would get the chance to own a home while Kyle was still active duty. We thought long and hard about making this decision but it is one we have never regretted.

When it comes time for us to PCS (mostly likely next year) we will be faced with the choice to rent it out or sell it. Until then we will continue to be happy homeowners until something breaks haha. 

I took these photos not long after our household goods were many memories have been made in this house since then.

I hope you all have an amazing Tuesday!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Back to the Grind

After 3 weeks off together Kyle finally is headed back to work today. Let me just say that I love him to pieces but it sure is nice to have some alone time haha. My day will be filled with cleaning and organizing our house, it needs it desperately.

Today I also start 3 more classes for school. I have really enjoyed my experiences so far. I just got my grades from my last two classes and I'm thrilled with how I have done so far:

I know the classes will only get harder but after being out of the academic loop for 10 years, I'm happy.

We didn't do much over the weekend but we did venture out to spend some gift cards we got for Christmas. I ended up getting this at Target:

Baths are much more enjoyable now since I don't have to hold my magazine or book. :)

We did have a special birthday over the weekend. Our precious Emma turned 10 years old. I have had her since she was 4 weeks old and I couldn't imagine our lives without her.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Friday, January 3, 2014

2014 Goals

We arrived home last night after 2 wonderful weeks with family. I am so thankful that we have 2 loving families to spend time with. I probably won't end up recapping the trip but just know that it was awesome!

I am still in shock that it is already 2014, I feel like every year just goes by faster than the last. I don't normally set goals for myself at the beginning of a new year but I figured this year it would be fun to try. 

1. Continue running and enjoy it! I honestly love running but thanks to a few people they made me feel poorly about it. I will not let anything get me down this year.

2. Keep saving money. We have a set amount that goes into our savings account every month and I want to bump up the amount this year.

3. Really take a look at friendships and get rid of the toxic ones. This is going to be a challenge but I know that it needs to be done.

4. Spend as much time with family this year since we could potentially move to DC next year.

5. Start reading again, I used to read at least 2 books a month but haven't had the time lately.

6. Communicate better with Kyle, believe me things aren't always butterflies and roses. I need to get better about telling him how I feel.

7. Take one day a month for me! Kyle always tell me that I do so much for everyone else that I get burnt out. He is right so I need to make me a priority as well. 

8. Last but not least, continue to try and have a baby. I have a feeling this will always be a goal until it happens. 

Well there are my goals for the year! :)

I hope you all are having a great start to the year.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

See Ya Later Vegas!

We are heading back to El Paso today! It was amazing seeing and spending time with family. Can't wait to get back into a blog routine and catch up with everyone.

Happy New Year!!!