Saturday, October 13, 2012

1 week!

Today marks one week until I see my husband! I have missed him terribly, we have been through 2 deployments but this is the longest we have ever been apart and it had nothing to do with the Army. He will be driving up here next Friday (well he and Emma) so we can attend his brother's wedding on Saturday. Then we will head home together on Sunday, I have loved every single second of being with my family but it will be nice to be back in my own house. 

Every couple of days Kyle sends me a picture of Emma and Fishy. The one he sent yesterday made me sad...he said they miss me:

It is a rare occasion that they will lay near each other. He said the last few days they have been laying on my couch. I can't wait to get home to love on them!

On another note it is crazy to me that it's October! Halloween is in a few weeks, then Thanksgiving and   Christmas!! We will be in Vegas for Thanksgiving and will be in the process of moving at Christmas. It's going to be a crazy few months.

I did go to Hobby Lobby yesterday with my sister and thanks to the awesome 40% off sale I picked up a few cute decorations:

I may or not put them out this year but will definitely be using them next year. I am taking advantage of being close to Hobby Lobby, since the closest one to me in Arizona is 3 hours away. 

I hope you all have a great day!!


  1. I love Hobby Lobby. The closest one to me is an hour away, thank goodness, or I would be there more than necessary.

  2. One week! That is so exciting!

    It's a rare occasion at our house when our cat Lolita will let our dachshund anywhere near her! They look so adorable!

  3. Hey Jen,
    Cute decorations...I love Hobby Lobby. It's a VERY dangerous place for me. I end up buying all kinds of things I never knew I needed.

  4. Thanks for the follow! I am so happy that you will be back with your hubby soon. Yay for reunions!

  5. Yay! for getting to see your hubby soon! And there IS a Hobby Lobby here in El Paso! And I agree, it is a dangerous place to shop if you don't want to spend money:) But they make up for it with their sales and those awesome 40% off coupons. Although I can't believe how early they put up Christmas stuff... I'm pretty sure it was still summer.

  6. Yay Jen~~ So excited for you!


  7. Awww YAY for finally getting to see your husband!!! :) And your little fluffies are so precious!


  8. CHRISTMAS!! I'll celebrate and decorate extra hard for you! (:
    The decorations are so cute! I love Hobby Lobby! I have to take advantage of having one reasonably close by for the next few months..

  9. yes he will be returning home soon!! best news ever!!

  10. Oh my goodness, I can't believe it's October already, too! The rest of the year is going to just fly by, I know it! I'm excited for you that you get to see your hubby soon though, that's got to be the best feeling :)

    PS - Jen, I nominated you for the Liebster Award!!


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