Friday, May 2, 2014

This and That

* I'm excited to celebrate Kyle's birthday when I get home! He still has no clue that I will be decorating his office so that's exciting. We have plans for an early dinner and a baseball game tomorrow night.

*We are running a 5k on Sunday that all proceeds go to families affected by Pancreatic cancer, something very close to my heart as that is what my Mom passed away from. I am excited that her name will be on the shirt with others taken too soon.

*I passed my Math class with a B. I hate Math and I was not expecting to do so well. Thank goodness!

*I am actually thankful that I have had a break from FRG stuff for a little bit. With the unit being deactivated it has been quiet. 

*I am bummed that they pushed back when we will find out about the DC fellowships. The Army can never be on time. lol.

*Next weekend we are going to be doing another color run (well a Color Dash), I was disappointed with the Color Run in November so hopefully this one is better.

Not much else going on in our neck of the woods, my vacation is over as of today and I will be on a plane home tomorrow.

I'm excited to get back home and into my routine.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Have fun celebrating Kyles birthday!

  2. I HATE math too... it's so bad, I can't even count up single digit numbers in my head. Whenever it has something to do with numbers, I go to the hubs for help. LOL

  3. Safe travels home. I hope you have a good weekend.

  4. Safe travels home friend!!! Glad you had a great time but im sure Kyle, Emma and Fishy are missing you lots!

  5. Just as your FRG stuff winds down, mine picks up! Have a great weekend celebrating.

  6. Have a safe trip and a great weekend!

  7. Love that you will be running with your mom's name on your shirt. How awesome! Travel safe.

  8. Phil and Megan are working on algebra as I'm writing this. She is getting better at it but still needs help. Glad he can help. Can't wait til she's all done with this stuff and graduated college. Now she needs a good job! Have a safe trip home and a fun time with Kyle and running, of course! Hugs!

  9. Happy birthday to Kyle! I hope you have a safe trip back home from vacation. Have a fabulous weekend! :)


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