Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Little Sunshine Never Hurt Anyone

Last week the awesome, Kelsey from Pardon My French tagged me with this sweet award.

1. What is your favorite fast food place?

I actually have 2. In N Out and Del Taco! I could live off these place but unfortunately El Paso has neither. Boo!

2. What is your dream vacation spot?

I have been dying to go back to Maui since I went in 2005. However, the Army and a few other snafus keep getting in our way.

3. What is your favorite household chore? 

I really enjoying cleaning bathrooms, it's so weird. 

4. What is one skill you wish you had?

I wish I knew a foreign language. I took two years of Spanish and nothing stuck.

5. Are you a fruit or veggie person?

I'm more of a veggie person, give me carrots and celery and I'll be happy.

6. What is your favorite beauty product?

I love my neutragena lip gloss. It does not make my lips feeling sticky and it has sunblock in it.

7. How long is too long to not wash your hair?

I can go 3-4 days, it really doesn't bother me to not wash it.

8. Would you ever want to re-new your vows?

We have talked about renewing our vows for our 10 year anniversary. I'm not really sure I want to go through all the hassle.

9. How tall are you?

Some days 5'4 and some days 5'3 lol

10. What is the best piece of advice anyone ever gave you?

My Mom always told us to just worry about ourselves. I find myself saying this all the time.

11. You just won a million dollars, what do you do first?

I would probably give some money to family.

The rules say that you should tag others and add new questions. However I am going to leave this open to anyone who wants to answer these same questions (because I think they are good ones!).

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday!


  1. 'grats on the award. I'd love to go to Hawaii too! I laughed that you like to clean bathrooms. :) And I like veggies too!

  2. We need an In and Out up here! And I'm so jealous you can go 4 days without washing your hair! Mine gets SO greasy on day two!

  3. Cleaning the bathroom?!?! That's my LEAST favorite! Californians loves In and Out and we are all about Five Guys...I just can't get into In and Out.

  4. I wish I could go that long with out having to wash my hair!!! Lucky, ha!

  5. Yay!!! I was so excited to read your answers. I seriously think I have the same answer for all of these, except that bathroom jazz. haha! I love it, thanks for playing along :) :)

  6. I used to enjoy cleaning the house but of late not so much!

  7. I've never had in and out burger!!

  8. I love In and Out!!! I took 3 years of Spanish and still don't know anything!

  9. You love cleaning bathrooms? Come to Ft. Campbell then! :) I hate doing mine - it took all my energy yesterday to muster up the motivation to clean it. I usually make my husband do it.
    - Catherine

  10. You can clean my bathrooms! I hate cleaning them. :)

    I have only had In N Out once, but I liked it. I need to try Del Taco sometime.

  11. I would love to go to Hawaii. I keep telling Mac that's where we should move next.

  12. Cleaning bathrooms is the worst! You're crazy!

  13. cleaning bathrooms, no fun! I'd rather clean my kitchen! If I won a million dollars, I'd pay off all our bills and then buy a mission in Nicaragua a van for they need transportation. I'd like to go back and visit England where we were stationed 30-plus years ago. love it over there!

  14. Please come clean my bathrooms! :)

  15. I don't know why, but I like cleaning the bathroom's my go-to chore! We want to do a renewal at the five year (since we eloped), but I want it to be SUPER casual. Basically, it will be an anniversary party where we happen to have a ceremony.

  16. I'm starting to learn that the advice your mom gave you is such wonderful advice!


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