Friday, May 19, 2017

Run Disney: Part 2

After spending more time in the park on Saturday night, we headed back to the hotel and crashed by 9pm. We were able to get up a little bit later Sunday morning because we knew the security check process so we sprang out of bed at 3:30am. We were surprisingly not sore from the day before, between the 10k and walking all day we thought we were going to be in pain. 

We got to our corral at around 4:15am and there were significantly more people. I believe the final count for participants was 10,795. Since we were doing the Pixie Dust Challenge, we had to complete the 10k and the half. If you got swept from the course during the half you wouldn't receive the challenge medal so we were focused.

Wendy and Peter Pan were ready to run the Tinkerbell Half Marathon!

This picture is of the people behind us, we could not see the end of our corral.

This was our view in front of us, the corral in front of us nearly spilled over into us.

We started at around 6:10am again and while the course was similar we did a lot of the mileage out in Anaheim. We did go through both Disneyland and California Adventure before spilling out into the community. It was slow going at spots especially going through the castle, it got a little bottle-necked.

This is one of my favorite photos I took on the course. 

Running through Anaheim was a lot of fun. There were quite a few residents and local businesses supporting the runners and just being amazing. There were a few live bands and some playing music for us. It was so fun!

At around Mile 7 we decided to do a FB live post and it was so fun updating friends and family of our progress. We felt good the whole time and just took it easy. I was so proud of Lisa for committing to doing this and she was rocking it. 

We were so impressed with the course, and it really felt like it went by fast. We were really emotional at the finish line, it was a huge thing to be able to do this together and for Lisa to complete her 1st half marathon was incredible and I was so happy for her. We also completed the Pixie Dust Challenge, which was a pretty rad feeling.

The medals are pretty darn amazing! We earned them and had a blast doing it.

After the race was over we hung out in the finish area and then headed off to Starbucks again (it's a post race ritual haha). Once back to the hotel we took our time and then decided to grab lunch at PF Changs. There was one right next door to our hotel. Score!

We got to the park, did some shopping, and rode a few more rides.

We had these shirts made as well, they say "I'm not a regular Mom, I'm a Disney Mom!" It was so fitting for Mother's Day and being able to spend that day in Disneyland with my sister was really special because it was our Mom's favorite place.

We enjoyed the parades but the one we were so excited about was the Main Street Electrical Parade. It was taken from Disneyland in 1996 but it is back for a limited run. As soon as the music started Lisa and I were immediately taken back to our childhood and yes there were tears.

To anyone who is thinking about running a Disney race, do it!!! They are a blast.

I honestly would not have wanted to do this trip with anyone else. It was amazing sharing these memories together. 


  1. What an awesome time and amazing memories that will last forever!

  2. I love it! Good for both of you to train and commit to this trip together. I love the significance of the date and place for this race for you both. All the feels on this one!

  3. Awesome!! You and your sissy look so much alike!

    1. Thank you! :) I've had so many people ask if we are twins.

  4. Did you get a medal for each race and for the challenge, which was, I gather, doing both races in one weekend? SO COOL!

  5. Oh my gosh so fun! Y'all are too cute. HAve a great weekend!

  6. I have a few coworkers who have done this run too and I have always wanted to do it as well. Looks like so much fun!

  7. These races seem so fun! I'm committed to not doing any races until I complete my full marathon :( I have blinders on until that point! LOL

  8. I literally gasped when I read 3:30 a.m.!! :) What an amazing experience though!

  9. So fun to see you in your running attire. Adorable. Glad you had some fun times for your memory bank. I like Mickey Mouse in ferris wheel and your medals are cute! Thanks for sharing the photos, Jen.

  10. What a feat! Two races in two days! Whew!!! You go girls!!

  11. Your t shirt game is strong! I'm so impressed you did a half marathon the day after doing a 10k - amazing! You definitely deserve those medals, they're pretty cool. What a special experience to share with your sister.

  12. I love all your pictures! I hope to do a Disney race one day. They look amazing.

  13. Awesome awesome awesome!!!!! Great job doing these races. The medals are fantastic! I love your pictures. And you & your sister can not deny you are related! :)

  14. Way to go on completing not only a 10K but a half marathon as well! I don't know if I could do it! Again your outfits are so cute, and I love that y'all spent the rest of the day in the parks! I love the Electric Parade as well! It reminds me of my first trip to Disney every time I see it!

  15. Girl... I can't believe you guys ran a 10k AND a half. Wow! You girls rock!! The medals are super cute and you girls looked even cuter!! What an amazing weekend!

  16. Great job! super cute outfits. Looks like you all had a blast!


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