Thursday, July 3, 2014

We Run!

This is what our medal holder looked like as of yesterday. My goal for the year was to run at least 20 races. Well by the time we leave El Paso at the end of October we will have completed 21 races. :)

I am excited to see what kind of races there will be in Louisiana.

Here is what we have planned for the rest of the year:

Electric 5k: July 3rd
4th of July 5k: July 4th
Run for a Margarita 5k: July 12th
Spartyka Fallen Heroes 5k: August 3rd
Rio Grande Half Marathon: August 10th
10 Miler in the Heat: August 16th
Rhino Run 8k: August 23rd
Chips and Salsa Half Marathon: September 14th
Transmountain Challenge Half Marathon: October 14th
Flying Horse Half Marathon: October 25th.

Two of these races are in Albuquerque so it will be awesome to see different scenery.

I will finally be getting new running shoes this weekend, my current ones have done great over the last year but it's time.

Have a great Thursday everyone!


  1. First, your list of races makes me tired just reading all of them..... Second, how awesome is it that you are running the Chips and Salad Half Marathon (awesome name!!) Third, I think you need a new metal rack for all those races! :)

    Happy 4th of July Sweet Friend!!!

  2. I really hope the Chips and Salsa half involves you getting a free batch of chips and salsa. Obviously, the medal should also be shaped like a bowl of chips.

  3. You are truly amazing! Quite the running machine.

  4. You are awesome!!! Those sound like such fun races! I need to get back into running! I miss races!

  5. Way to go Jen! I bet that thing is heavy! (:

  6. That's an awesome display of medals. :)

  7. Whoa, that's a lot of medals! My husband keeps all of his in a shoebox at his parents house these days...

  8. Awesome! Some of those sound like a lot of fun. The Margarita one, do you get a margarita at the end? I wish I could do as many races as you. I love running in races. It is hard for me to be motivated just running around my neighborhood.

  9. That's awesome! Very inspiring. The doc advised me not to run the Flying Horse half in October & to not run more than 5 miles a week. While it's a huge stress relief for me, she thinks it's a stressor on my cycles, esp BC I love HIIT. My hubby got me a treadmill for our anniversary so I've walking/jogging in it while watching HGTV, haha. You guys are awesome! Meet up soon?

  10. I'm impressed that you will be running right up until the move! I have some blog friends who ran and loooved The Louisiana Marathon. It's in Baton Rouge, so you'd have to drive a bit, but Louisiana is so much smaller than Texas, that even something on the other side of that state isn't really that far!

  11. These runs sound like so much fun!

  12. Time to get a bigger medal holder! :)


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