Monday, May 21, 2018

Checking Things Off

Over the last few days we have been doing our best to check off things on our list of things to do here. I think we were pretty successful this past weekend.

On Friday, Kyle was home early so we decided to finally check out the Carousel Museum in Leavenworth. I've heard awesome things about it. It has a vintage carousel that goes up to 13 miles per hour! That's insane to me. It was only $1.50/person and E loved it!

Afterwards we walked down to a local bakery called Sis' Sweets to indulge in some very delicious treats. It was so worth it!
 Saturday morning we were up bright and early for the Flash Dash 5k in North Kansas City. This race was created in honor of a gentleman named Brandon Russell who passed away after running the Rock the Parkway Half Marathon last year. It was an amazing event. A ton of people turned out and even though it was a bit rainy, it cleared up for the start. It was also my last race here with my friend, Lauren. 
Earlier this week I booked us a tour at the Roasterie in the city. It's one of the few facilities that air roasts their coffee beans. It's such a unique place and I'm so glad we were able to check this popular place off of our list. E even looked adorable in her hairnet haha.
The rest of the night was low key since we had another race on Sunday morning.

We headed off to Parkville for the Christmas in May 5k. This was officially mine and E's last race in the midwest (for now) and it was crazy haha. It poured rain the whole time!!! It was still a lot of fun though as a few of my SLAM sisters were running as well. We were soaked by the end but I'm glad we stuck it out and still did it.
We ended the weekend with a BBQ at a friend's house. It was a winner of a weekend to me!

We have a few more days to check off more on my list so hopefully we can make that happen. I hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. You are a champion-two races in one weekend?! Amazing. It sounds like such a fun weekend!

  2. Love how y’all are trying to get it all done before you leave!

  3. You guys are always on the go! Sounds like a fantastic way to spend the last bit of your time!

  4. It's crazy how many races you finished living in KC!

  5. You have done such a great job to see all the fun sights of your city!

  6. Oh that carousel is so intriguing to me - 13MPH seems so fast! LOL

  7. I remember hearing about that runner who died at the Rock the Parkway. So sad. It's very neat they put together a race in his honor and that you got to do it! Glad it wasn't too rainy for you :)

  8. Those cakes look amazing. I'm glad you enjoyed your last runs and got to do them with both family and friends, hope everything is going smoothly in the run up to the move!

  9. Jen, I just love following all your adventures, and I especially love watching this PCS journey of yours! We're with you on the local bucket list. We've been cramming everything we can into these last few days, and it's so crazy - and fun! That carousel museum looks like heaven, and I bet my boys would LOVE it!

    PS - you'll find this funny. As I prepare to transition my blog from Blogger to Wordpress, I just found out that ALL your comments ever were sitting in a folder awaiting moderation. I never saw a single one O.o I feel so bad! BUT I just published them haha so it looks like you just read my blog for the whole year ;)

  10. Cool that you'll were able to see the coffee place, I don't think we have a local one here


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