Thursday, August 9, 2018

Let's Rock!

Several months ago I bought tickets to see AFI and Rise Against for Kyle's birthday. Tuesday night was finally that concert. We decided that since it was an outdoor amphitheater and that kids 2 and under were free that we would take E. I'm not going to lie we were a little hesitant and nervous but we figured why not. This was her first rock concert!

I wore her in her carrier on my back with her headphones on. 
She instantly made friends with everyone to include security guards haha. One in particular had a certificate made for her to remember her first rock show. 
AFI went on at 7:40 and they were incredible! Kyle has loved them since he was in high school, so it was awesome to see him so happy. I've never seen them before but I was definitely impressed. They have been a band since 1991, which is impressive.
They played for 45 minutes and at 8:55 it was time for Rise Against. At this point E was still doing amazing. We were handing her snacks and she was content. She was waving and talking to everyone around us. At one point I moved toward the back of our section so she could see better.

We have seen Rise Against before and once again they did not disappoint! E was enamored by their lights and was clapping along at one point haha.
They ended at 10:40 and E was still happy. She was tired but she did absolutely incredible! The last 4 songs we took her out of carrier and she was so happy haha. We were so proud of her. She instantly fell asleep in the car and slept the entire hour drive home.
We had the best time and it was so much fun taking E. I know most people are hesitant about taking little kids like her to concerts but she was the best! 

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