Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Holiday Wrap-Up

Kyle and I had a wonderful 1st Christmas together in our new home. We got up early and skyped with my family, it's always fun watching Kylie and Grayson open presents. We so appreciate the gifts they sent us as well. We send them Christmas jammies every year so I love seeing them in their cute jammies.

 Kylie with her gift from us

 Grayson with his gift from us

I made breakfast and we watched "A Christmas Story" (to me that movie never gets old). We helped Emma and Fishy open their gifts, they each got a new collar and seemed very happy. Emma even got taken on a walk and she was such a happy girl. Our neighborhood is awesome, everyone is really nice.

I was able to make dinner even with all the limited supplies we had. We had honeybaked ham, sauteed green beans, mashed potatoes/gravy and rolls:

We didn't want to eat on paper plates so we got awesome $1 plates from Walmart, haha.  After we ate we skyped with Kyle's family and got to see his brothers new dog, Lana. It was nice to see both our families today.

Over the weekend we did some shopping for house and picked up some items that we have been wanting:

Entryway Bench. We got cloth bins to go in those cubby hole. It is awesome for us to sit and put our shoes on and also store our shoes.

A new Christmas Tree!!!! We got an awesome deal thanks to We have been wanting a new tree for the longest time and I'm so excited.

Since we got married we have wanted to get our last name done like this. I found a website called Frame The Alphabet, I found a coupon code for $75 off so basically with shipping and everything we got it for 50% off. I can't wait to get it and hang it.

We are excited for today since our household goods will finally be delivered. I am ready to have our stuff back and be settled. I probably won't be blogging much since I will be unpacking, but knowing me we will be unpacked by tomorrow night.

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!!!


  1. I'm glad you had a good Christmas in your new home! :)

    I had a good Christmas as well... too bad Indiana dumped a buttload of snow on us overnight last night. :(

  2. The story behind the company that started that alphabet thing is pretty neat.

    I love the entry bench, we so need to get one of those!

    Glad you had a merry Christmas (and I love the plates! :) ).

  3. Sounds like a lovely day! :) That entryway bench is really cute AND practical. Nice find.

  4. Yay! New home Christmases are the best! Even if you have to eat dinner off of $1 plates!


  5. Oh my gosh that entryway bench looks so perfect! I'm glad you had a nice Christmas and could spend it in your new home!

  6. Awesome! I really want one of those benches for our entry way. And I love the photo! Happy Holidays!

  7. Happy for your to be getting your household goods today! It's so fun to go through it all and put the "home" into your house! Glad your were able to Skype with your families, sounds like you had a wonderful day!

  8. That Alphabet thing is totally what my husband got me for Christmas! Only, it was the collegiate version. How fun!

  9. glad you had a perfect first christmas! love it all..xo

  10. I LOVE A Christmas Story!! Hands down one of my all time favorite movies!

    That entryway bench is gorgeous too!

  11. I love Monster high! Too cool! I'm glad you had such an amazing Christmas! Have fun unpacking today ;)

  12. I'm so glad you had a fabulous Christmas at the new house! The dinner you made looks delicious and you got some cute things for the new home! :) Love that bench and I'm sure the name frame is going to turn out great! Merry Christmas! Now...let's get ready for the new year!

  13. So glad y'all were able to Skype with your families! That's so special and sweet! And I love the new things you guys got! LOVE them! I know you'll enjoy them. :)

    I sure hope you won't go MIA because of unpacking. ;) I'd miss you way too much!

    Lots of love my dear. :) Merry, merry Christmas! I just can't believe it's over!!

  14. Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas! I love the framed letters of your last name! So cute!

  15. I love that entry way bench. Too cute.

  16. Love your family picture. So cute!

  17. Glad you had a great Christmas! I got to Skype with family too! It's the best! Love the name art! So pretty!

  18. It sounds like you had a great Christmas. I can't believe how chill you've been about moving right over the holidays. You're basically an all star.

    And I'm so happy for you in your new house!

  19. It sounds like you had a good Christmas! I can't believe how chill you've been about moving over the holidays. You're basically a superstar.

    So exciting that you're in your new house now!


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