Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Tag

Today I was tagged by the awesome Whit @ Black Little Button in a wonderful Christmas post!


Here are some questions that she asked:

-Are there any traditions you have started, or have been doing since you've been little with your family?
To be honest growing up we really didn't have many traditions, it was always just a wonderful time together. Now that I'm married our tradition is that we always watch "Claymation Christmas" and "A Muppet Christmas" they are so funny. 
-Did you make a Christmas list this year? What was on it?
Nope, no Christmas list. The only thing we were hoping for was to close on our home in time for the Holidays and it happened. :)
-Favorite, memorable gift you have received?
Oh gosh, I have received many wonderful gifts over the years. I have to say that it would be being able to spend Christmas with my Mom in 2010. It was her last Christmas and it is very very special to me. I cherish those memories.
-Best gift you have ever given to someone?
As far as gift giving I don't know what would be the best gift but the most enjoyment I get is buying for our niece and nephew. I love hearing and seeing their reactions. It is absolutely priceless.
-Favorite Christmas song/CD?
Believe it or not I actually do not like Christmas music. I think it just starts getting played way too early and I get burnt out.
I am supposed to tag specific bloggers but honestly I would love to hear from all of you! :) 
Here are my questions for you:
1. Do you have a traditional Christmas meal or something different?
 2. What is your favorite Christmas decoration?
3. When do you start decorating?
4. Are you a Christmas goody baker or just the eater? haha
5. Do you open any gifts on Christmas Eve? 

Merry Christmas Eve!


  1. Yay ... so glad you participated in my Tag! You were one of my original tags!

    Love reading about your Christmas traditions.

    Merry Christmas Friend :)

  2. Merry Christmas Jen! We usually start decorating on our old dating-anniversary Nov 15th. But nonetheless, at least by the first weekend in December! And yes we open extended family gifts at a Christmas Eve party/exchange. Otherwise we wait until Christmas morning. :)

  3. Merry Christmas to you and your Husband. I also, enjoy gifts for my neices and nephews. Those are my kids until I decide to have some of my own. lol

  4. I love your memorable gift! Family is the best gift of all. Hugs! :)


Love hearing from you!! :)