Monday, September 10, 2012

I'm a Tomboy!

For my friends that have known me for a long time they know my love of Drag Racing. My Dad started racing when I was 4 years old and I was hooked. I spent almost every weekend at the track hanging out and when I got older I spent the weekends helping out my Dad on the car. We did it as a family, my Dad would not race unless my Mom was there. He had to see her on the starting line or he wasn't racing. We would travel out of town for races and have an amazing time with friends and family. 

It was an amazing way to grow up and I still look forward to the races that I can get home to see my Dad race. We even all have team shirts; flamed shirts with our name on them and we all wore flame converse like this:

This is my race shirt:

When I was in HS friends would ask me to hang out and my response was "You can come to the racetrack but I'm not missing my Dad race." I'm sure my friends got sick of hearing but it's what I loved and still love to this day. There is nothing like standing on the starting line watching my Dad race. 

I love racing, it is my passion and I hate being a fan in the stands haha. Going to the NHRA Nationals Events is something else that I love. I am like a giddy kid when I go. My brother-in-law worked on a professional Top Fuel team for 9 years and it was amazing watching him work and do what he enjoyed. Since Kyle and I got married he has been hooked to racing, he loves it as much as I do. It is great to be able to share your passion with your spouse. 

Here are some of my most favorite pictures from the track over the years:

 Sorry for the horrible quality I had to pull these off my Dads website

Me doing what I do best; checking the air in the tires.

Dad's Race Win

Dad's race car!

Me and our friend Lonnie at the track

Me and Mom

Me and Dad

Towing Dad down the return road after a run

Mom pulling my Dad in for the run 

Kyle, Me, Chris and Lisa. At a NHRA Race that Chris was working at with Kalitta Motorsports.

If any of you have ever seen the show "Pinks" on the Speed Channel you may have caught the episode filmed at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. It was the most amazing experience and when the episode aired we were shocked to see my Dad and our friend Greg were the pair they showed 1st going down the track. I love this video because you can see my Mom pulling him into the water (she is the cool lady in the flamed shirt) Check this out:

So this is a little insight into my life and what I love to be a part of!!! Hope you enjoyed getting to know this part of me.

Happy Monday!!


  1. That is so cool! What a fun thing to share with your family.

  2. My husband and I's first race was to a dragstrip in Muncie, Indiana. While I wasn't 'huge' on racing to start, it's become a family pastime in our household.

  3. Love the races...I haven't done much NHRA but I'm a big Nascar fan! I'm a big tomboy too (loves sports, shooting guns and playing card games!)and I love reading about others' experiences.
    Thanks for sharing Jen!

  4. So fun! I love when people have something they are passionate about!

  5. That is an awesome interest! You have to be talented to take part in racing! It is so neat! have a great day!

  6. Racing and cars in general are a big part of my life, as well. My Dad taught me to love it when I was little, and we spent most every weekend at the track or 4-wheeling in the desert (Arizona native!). My Dad always has a project car and I love hearing all about it - even from 2000 miles away. It's so awesome to share something like this with your father. I guess we never really stop being daddy's little girl. And it's true what they say, women marry men like their fathers. My husband was really into dirt track racing, but that has taken a back seat to the frequent deployments. Hopefully that will change soon!


Love hearing from you!! :)