Friday, November 2, 2012


I know for the month of November everyone will be doing posts about what they are thankful for. I don't have the attention span to do one for each day. I'm going to write in this post everything I am thankful for.

*I am thankful for my husband. He sacrifices his life to defend this amazing country we live in. He is a wonderful husband and provider. I am beyond blessed to have him and I wouldn't want to share my life with anyone else. 

* I am thankful for my Dad, Lisa (sister), Chris (BIL), Kylie (niece) and Grayson (nephew). I couldn't imagine my life without them. They are always there for me when I need them. They are the best!!

*I am thankful for my in-laws, Chris (MIL), Dwight (FIL), Justin (BIL), Erin (SIL). I am blessed to have married into such a great family.

*I am thankful for my sweet fur-babies, Emma and Fishy. They always brighten my days and make me smile.

*I am thankful for the opportunity to live in a free country. Others don't have that luxury and I do my best to not take it for granted.

*I am thankful for the Army. I am thankful that my husband has a steady paycheck and that we have a place to live.

*I am thankful for all the amazing blogger friends that I have made. You are all an inspiration!!!

*I am thankful that for the first 25 years of my life I had an extraordinary woman guiding me through life. I love you and miss you Mom.

*I am thankful for the heartache we have endured trying to have a family. I don't think I would be the person I am if I hadn't gone through it. I am thankful we get to keep trying because the result will be that much sweeter.

*I am thankful for my life. Through all the trials and tribulations I know that I am here for a reason.

What are you thankful for?

I hope you all have an amazing weekend!!!


  1. This is a great list. Have a great weekend!

  2. Awww blessed. Loved reading through it. It must be so tough being a military wife. I used to date someone in the army too and it was really hard being apart all the time x

  3. Love this post Jen. It warms my heart. It takes a strong person to see the silver lining in tough situations/circumstances. I hope you will link up for the Sunday Gratitude this weekend.

  4. This is awesome Jen~
    I am thankful to have met someone as cool as you via blogging! I love your posts and you are an inspiration :)


    Guess what... My GFC works!!! I can follow you now :)

  5. Love everything about this post Jen! You are such an inspiration and I am so thankful to have you as a bloggy friend! Have a great weekend love!

  6. I am loving all these thankful posts...gotta love the holidays! Can you email me your address, hun? Need it for the swap!

  7. Hello,

    I saw you link on today's blog hop at "From Grandma With Love. I cannot tell which post you have linked up for the hop, but this is a great one.

    Today I am thankful for the serene peace of this lovely Saturday morning.

    I am following your blog.

    :) Hope

  8. Great post! I'm thankful for my family, my boyfriend and all the great opportunity God give me everyday. Thanks for stopping by my blog :) I'm following you back.

  9. Great post!! I am thankful for you too!! I love your outlook on your struggle with starting a family...stay strong (I know you will) and i have faith you will be blessed! You will be an amazing mother!

  10. Some of the things on your list, are also on mine.

    Found you on the Imperfection Hop and I'm following you now. Happy Sunday!

  11. This is a wonderful post, I really love it. I am a new follower of your blog. Thank you so much for linking up to Raising Imperfection!

  12. glad you linked this post :)

    Thank you for linking your favorite post to the Raising Imperfection Sunday Link Up.
    Stop back by Friday to see if you were featured!



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