Saturday, November 10, 2012

Fun Finds!

A few weeks ago I had to throw away my cell phone case (stupid Otterbox) because it had fallen apart. How does a $50 case just fall apart?! It's beyond me. I went on ebay this week (finally) and ordered this case, I got it today and I LOVE it!!!

It is a mirrored case which I thought was awesome and I only paid $6.29 for it, score!!

While I waited for this case to arrive I had a little accident with my phone...slipped off the table:

Really?! We are heading up to the Tucson today so hopefully I can get someone to replace the screen for me.

Yesterday, I made a trip to Ross to browse and got these cute shoes for $12.99

They are incredibly comfortable and I love the bow! I may have to go back haha!

Now that we have our new address I wanted to order some moving announcements. Well thanks to and signing up for a new account I was able to get 25% off and free shipping for these:

(yes I used a mustache to cover the address haha)

Aren't they cute?! I got 100 announcements (includes envelopes) and 240 return address labels for $30. I love when I can find a good deal.

Today we are off to Tucson for the day, I need a big city day haha. We have to make a trip to Zales so I can get my ring inspected and cleaned so the warranty doesn't expire. Isn't it pretty even though it's dirty:

I hope you all enjoy your day!!!! Hugs my friends!


  1. Hello Jen,

    I have appreciated and enjoyed all the comments you have left for my on my blog.

    Yes, your ring is gorgeous! And those shoes are too cute.

    Have a great weekend!

    :) Hope

  2. Windex/water rinses my ring nicely between cleanings!
    I'm glad I haven't splurged on Otterbox. How does it fall apart?!?

  3. iPhones must be very fragile. Everyone I know has busted their screen. Yikes!

  4. My otterbox fell apart too! (RAGE) Hope they can fix your screen for you. I'm not sure how mine hasn't imploded from Sam launching it across the room, but (knock on all the wood) my screen is still in tact. Have fun in the city!

  5. Those shoes are cute! You never know what treasure you will find at Ross!

  6. My cousin lives in Tuscon! I love the phone case. LOveeee it.

  7. I love those change of address cards! My husband's cousin had the same ones and I saved it just bc it was so cute :)

  8. Such a pretty ring! My husband used to work at a dentist's office, and he says they have a machine that they can clean your ring with there? I mean, it's not specifically for that, works. Haha, I've never tried it, but who knows?

    Good luck getting your screen fixed, Jen!

  9. I never would have thought to do cards like that! So cute! And I love those shoes!

  10. I'd be so mad if my otter box broke!! But the new case is pretty much amazing! Have fun today!

  11. your ring is gorgeous!! for reals! And love the phone case. I hate phone accidents!

  12. I love getting my rings cleaned, so sparkly!

  13. Aw you were in town today!! It was homecoming for the U! Did you see all the crazy alumn and students! Love getting my ring cleaned too! :) Happy Birthday Marine Corps!

  14. I love good deals at Ross! Those announcements are so cute and I'm in love with your rings! That reminds me, I should really take my ring in for a cleaning. Glad you're having a great weekend!

  15. The silicon underwear on my Otter Box is peeling apart. So annoying. Guess I'll need to get another soon.

  16. My husband has an otterbox case and I can't believe how expensive those suckers are!
    Highway robbery!

    I haven't been to a Ross in a while but I have gotta go again!



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