Friday, July 27, 2012

Decisions Decisions

Since we moved to Arizona we knew that we had a limited amount of time to decide where we wanted to go after the career course. We had our minds set on two possibilities:

Fort Lewis

Fort Carson

Well a text message a few weeks may have changed our minds and altered our course. When Kyle was with the 82nd he worked as an FSO (Fire Support Officer) in an Infantry Battalion and he had an outstanding Battalion Commander and I became very good friends with his wife. When we left that battalion, the friendship stayed in place and we spent 4th of July with them and I had lunch at least once a month with Kim. 

When we were in Disneyland I got a text from Kim asking if we would be interested in going here:

Her husband will be taking a brigade command there in January and asked if Kyle would like to come work with him again. I can honestly say that we were honored. To be asked personally by a Colonel to come work with him again is a huge boost of confidence for Kyle. We have weighed the pro's and con's and to be honest there are not many con's. We even know that if we go there that Kyle will be deployed again and we are ok with it. It will only be 12 hours from home and that is something we wanted. We are hoping that if things go as planned on both ends we will be traveling to our new home at Fort Bliss (which is only 5 hours from us now, I am ok with that short drive) mid-January! 

If you could keep our fingers crossed for us that would be wonderful!!!!


  1. I've heard El Paso is beautiful! Good luck getting Bliss! :)

  2. Crossing my fingers for you! Our best friends are station at Ft Bliss, it's really beautiful.

  3. Ok... You do know that's where we are, right?? Unfortunately (in this case) I'll be going home for the deployment and won't be there when you are there, but I'll be back. Sooo.. We get to meet :)
    Such an awesome opportunity Jen! What brigade? My husband finished his time as an FSO not to long ago as well.
    I think you'll love it at Bliss. Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions!

  4. Ahhhh!!! We'll be in the same place! I REALLY hope that happens!!! I'm super excited now!

  5. While we'll never be stationed at Bliss, I do love it there. A good friend of mine is there, and whenever I go down, it's hard to leave.

    And their PX IS AMAZING. I wish all bases had something like Freedom Crossing.

  6. I know a lot of families that when they left here in Germany went there and love it. Hope everything works out for you.


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