Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

Another weekend is coming to a close and it makes me sad. It always seems like the week drags on and the weekends fly by.

Friday we had planned to go to the Vander Haunted Trail with our friends Jeremy and Kristina. All I can say is that we were not disappointed. It was really scary, it is out in the back-woods area and there really isn't much around it. When we got there they had some of the characters running around the parking lot scaring people and they were pretty successful. Once we got our tickets, they had a Haunted Train Ride you could go on, it took you around the woods and there was people waiting to scare you. It took us about 30 minutes to get through the whole thing and in typical haunted house fashion the last part was guys with chainsaws they chased us out and kept following us haha. My voice was definitely hoarse the next day. Kyle and I then headed to Dairy Queen for ice cream (yum), then headed home to watch Ghost Adventures, overall a great night. Here is a picture of us after we exited the Haunted Trail:

Saturday I decided it was time to get my flu shot, for anyone that knows me really well knows that I HATE needles. To keep my mind off it beforehand we did some shopping at Target (finally got my thank you cards for the people who donated to our pancreatic cancer fundraiser) and then had lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. The shot ended up not being so bad it just really hurt afterward. A little bit later I decided it was time for a change, I went and got my hair cut off, it feels soo much better and I love it. I will post a picture eventually.

Today, we are just lounging around and going to watch football. At some point I have to make homemade cinnamon rolls and chocolate chip cookies for Kyles work (it was requested haha). I love days like these!!

On a great note, we finally reached our goal for our Pancreatic Cancer 5k!!! We are still happily accepting donations though :)

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend!!!

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