Friday, October 22, 2010

Good times..

These next few months are filled with a lot of fun things!! Tonight, Kyle and I will be going on a Historic Haunting Hayride in downtown Fayetteville. There are a lot of historic sites to see and I'm sure some awesome stories that go along with it. Saturday we are going to the 82nd Airborne Museum to walk through the "Haunted Hercules" it's a C-130 on display that will be converted into a haunted house!!! Awesome! If you live in the area you should check it out:

Next Friday we are going on a Cemetary Walk in downtown as well. We just bought these tickets today and are really excited. We love anything to do with paranormal activity, spirits and ghosts. Hopefully we can catch "something" on camera.

November will be fun-filled as well, we run the Raleigh-Durham Purple Stride 5k for Pancreatic Cancer on November 7th. I am praying for good weather and an awesome turnout! Towards the end of the month will be the busiest we are 3rd on a stand-by list to go on a retreat with Kyle's battalion to Great Wolf Lodge (we are pretty sure we will go), we have never been before and are pretty stoked about it. Then a few days later I hop on a plane to Vegas!! Yay! (I'm planning on getting my nose pierced while I am home, might even have another tattoo done but we will see)

I am excited to go here with my family:

My mom is the most excited out of all of us. Even though she can't ride the big rollercoaster anymore she plans on taking my niece Kylie on every kiddie ride.

Now we just have to figure out what we are doing for Christmas. (Maybe Disneyworld?!?! We shall see)

Happy Friday!!!!

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  1. Wow, what a fun rest of the year you have ahead of you! And if you go to Disney for Christmas I will be SOOOOO jealous!


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