Monday, October 11, 2010

I hate appointment days...

Today is the day I always dread, every 21 days this rolls around. My mom is back in Arizona for her appointment. They will do the usually blood work and infusion and find out if she has made any progress. About an hour from now she will begin her day and see her doctor (well not her specific doctor because he is gone right now) to begin the tests. I sit and stare at my phone until my dad calls me to give me the results. She has had some rough days lately, constant upset stomach and her bones ache. We are just hoping for a miracle and hoping that her tumor markers are still going down. She told my dad the other day that she is just tired of being sick but we know she is not going to give up this fight anytime soon.

Please say a prayer for her today!


  1. I'm sure I'd be tired of being sick, too, and of the treatment. Your mom is such a trooper! Praying you get a good report!

  2. She's in my prayers hun!


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