Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tomorrow is my FRIDAY!!

I am sooo excited that tomorrow is my Friday!!! My office is closed in observance of Good Friday (since the courthouse is closed, so are we, woo hoo). I am also excited because that means we are that much closer to heading off to the beach. This week has been crazy at work and it is definitely needed! I plan on posting lots of pictures when we get back! The weather is supposed to be perfect, and I can't wait to enjoy the sunshine and time away with the hubby.

On to other exciting news, Tuesday, HRC is releasing the 2010 Captains Promotion list, and if everything is how it should be, Kyle's name will be on it!! Which means he will get promoted sometime around June, his 3 year mark in the Army!! He is very anxious and excited! I will definitely post once I know!

I probably won't post anything the next few days, so I hope everyone has an awesome Easter weekend!!!

Happy Easter!!!


  1. Good luck on making Captain. Not sure about the Army, but in the USMC that's a nice pay raise, which is always a plus!!

  2. Good luck on the Captaincy! That's so exciting! Have a fantastic Easter :)

  3. Good luck with the Captain making! Of course be sure and update us, but I'm sure I don't need to tell you that!

  4. Good luck on making the list!

    Thanks for the heads up... some VIS (Very Important Soldiers) in my life should be on that list too! :)

  5. Hi i'm new!!!

    I love the pictures of yall together on the sidebar!!!

    Best Wishes with the promotion!!! I know that must be extremely exciting!!! :D


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