Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tomboy at Heart

For the last 20 years of my life I have been involved with Drag Racing, thanks to my parents. My dad has been racing for as long as I can remember, it is something that we did as a family. I don't think a lot of people quite understood my love for racing especially as I got older. I would forego shopping trips with friends, going to dances, and being the typical girl just so I could be at the races, nothing could top the fun I had out there. I enjoyed getting dirty and greasy, and loved the smell of race fuel (crazy I know, but I still do)
Since I moved away from Vegas it really bums me out not being able to watch my Dad race, almost every weekend for the last 20 years was spent at the races. I made some great friends out there and was considered one of the guys,and loved every second of it. My Dad made sure that my sister and I could take care of ourselves when it came to vehicles. My Mom called me tonight and was so excited because my Dad just finished re-building the motor for the car and it was time to start it up, as soon as it fired up I got really excited! I usually try to take atleast one trip to Vegas when I know my Dad will be racing hopefully I can this year. Kyle and I have thrown around the idea of buying a classic car, so that I can start racing, I really hope it happens!

Here is a little glimpse into what my life has been like at the races:

That's me standing down there by the cars, I was always there watching and cheering my Dad on.

Towing my Dad back...

Me doing my job at the track..checking the air in the tires.

This is me...just a tomboy at heart!

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