Monday, March 22, 2010

Is today over yet?!

Today has definitely been a day I would like to forget...I went to bed at 10:30 last night and was just getting comfortable when what do I hear?! Music blaring next door!! Keep in mind that our house is connected to another home, so the master bedrooms are connected and the walls are paper thin. I was ok with the music until 1am rolled around and it was still on. Kyle decided it was time to go next door, as he proceeded to ring their doorbell, he realized there were no cars in the driveway!! REALLY?! Who leaves their house with music blaring!? He didn't have to work today but I did, so at about 3am I decided it was time to go sleep on the couch so I could get atleast a few hours of sleep. Needless to say my day started off pretty bumpy. He finally talked to the neighbors this afternoon and they said they would keep the music turned down, let's hope so.

 I get to work and I am immediately SLAMMED with paperwork, files and payments! It was my first official day as Clark's legal assistant. We are without a receptionist for the time being, so I have to float back and forth from my office to the front desk, it's almost impossible to get things done. I was however able to sneak away for lunch and meet up with our old Batallion Commanders wife, definitely a welcome pick me up for what had already been a stressful day. Thankfully, I managed to not get interrupted for the rest of the day and I was able to successfully get done what I needed to.

Hopefully tomorrow will turn out to be a better day!


  1. I remember my first day as a Legal Assistant. I was so overwhelmed, even though I knew all about the IL legal system! The first day is by far always the hardest. I hope tomorrow goes better for you.

    I remember when I had really crappy and insensitive neighbors that used to blare stuff constantly. One time he went out of town and left his alarm turned on. It went off for 5 hours straight until I finally DEMANDED the office go in and turn the stupid thing off (they started to argue at first until i told them i would break my lease and move if they didn't fix it). He was on the verge of being evicted anyways.

  2. At 8am this morning I was already for it to be over!! It doesn't help that my husband mentioned that it was WEDNESDAY... nope, not Wednesday yet. Hope your week is much better than today!!!!!

  3. Oy, I'm sorry! Crappy neighbors are horribble. Of course, all I can think is, at least it was *music* you were hearing! It could be worse....

    Work will get better, I'm sure, once they hire someone and you get into the groove of the new job. One day at a time! You can do it!

  4. Ladies- Today was MUCH better!! It was actually just me and our 2 attorneys in the office and it was really calm! :) Thanks for the happy thoughts for a good day!

    As far as the neighbors, last night was SILENT! :) Yay!! Plus we got good news that we should hopefully be moving to new housing (we live on post) in a few weeks! Definitely looking forward to that!

  5. I hate bad neighbors! It's so awkward!


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