Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sick hubby...and weekend recap.

Kyle called me on Thursday which he usually does, he told me he wasn't feeling good (which for him is not common). A lot of guys had caught this nasty stomach bug, but Kyle had seemed to avoid it or so he thought. He ended up at the medic tent around 4pm Thursday and had IV's all night (he went through 6 IV bags of fluid), he also had a 102 temperature. He was really dehydrated, not good when you are stuck in a country that has 90 degree temperatures and 50% humidity. I got an email from him this morning and thankfully he is feeling much better and was able to rest yesterday. I am so relieved!!

I spent my weekend dress shopping with a friend of mine, she has a ball on Friday, so I was happy to go with her. I decided it would be fun to try on a few dresses too, I found an amazing one but of course we don't have a ball until May haha. We had such beautiful weather it was time to break out the sundresses and I was super excited! Today I decided it was time to really deep clean my house, which meant washing all the windows, dusting, mopping floors...for some reason I enjoy all this!

I hope everyone has had a awesome weekend!! Time for me to get ready to watch the Oscars!!

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  1. AW I hope your hubby gets feeling better..I LOVE dress shopping..


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