Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekend in Review

This weekend couldn't come fast enough. After Kyle got back from Louisiana it was full speed ahead back into our routine. After Kyle got home on Friday we headed out for dinner. It was nice to just relax and enjoy time together. When we got home we watched "Grown Ups", hilarious movie!!! We love anything Adam Sandler does and this was perfect.

Saturday we ran a few errands and mostly just lounged around the house. We ventured out to get our taxes done and are so happy those are done! We will have our return back on the 11th, wahoo!!

Today was such a beautiful day. After really cold temperatures, it was bright and sunny, with a temp of 70! We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day, we were out and about most of the day enjoying the beautiful weather. We started picking up items for our Super Bowl party on Sunday, it's going to be a fun day with good friends.

Kyle and I know this week is going to be crazy busy but honestly we wouldn't have it any other way, here is the run down:

Monday: Dropping off my dress and his uniform at the cleaners, cleaning the house, and a coffee at our battalion commanders house

Tuesday: My only free day

Wednesday- Lunch with a good friend, and picking up last minute items for the ball (jewelry)

Thursday- Manicure/Pedicure and picking up dry-cleaning

Friday- Battalion Ball (we booked a room at the hotel it is being held at, should be an awesome time)

Saturday- Preparing for Super Bowl Party (I am sure my hubby will be slightly hungover and don't expect much help haha but thats ok)

Sunday- Super Bowl!!

I am looking forward to all of it!!

I hope everyone has had a great weekend!!


  1. Wow, your week sounds like way more fun than mine! :) Have a blast this weekend!

  2. Goodness I can't wait for 70 degree weather! It was 14 degrees out today =(


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