Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The more the better.....not always true

This morning I had my ultrasound to see how I am reacting to my hormone shots. Well good news is I'm responding very well, bad news is I'm responding too well. I had 9 follicles (all of which are ready to go and the ideal number is 3-5) and if the doctors proceeded with the IUI, there is a very high chance that I would have a multiple birth (ie: triplets) and if that happens there is potential for complications for both me and babies. So the plan right now is to cut my dosage in half and cancel this IUI cycle. I am definitely disappointed but happy that my body is responding to this medication.

We will try again next month and hope that it works! I have faith in my doctors that they know what is best, as much as I want to get pregnant I want myself and my baby to be safe and healthy.

Other good news is that my hubby made it home at around 4am from Louisiana! It is great to have him home. We had his batallions deployment fair tonight to get all the necessary paperwork taken care of, glad it's out of the way. Well off to eat some homemade pizza for dinner!!

Have a great night!!


  1. I am so glad the treatments are working, and will keep you in my thoughts that the next go around is successful yet safe (like you said)!

  2. I guess that's what they call "too much of a good thing"? But that's exciting! Looks like good things are in your future!

  3. bummer! yay for follies, though! I hope next cycle proves better.


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