Monday, January 25, 2016

Memories on Monday

I have to say that I am loving my TimeHop this week, it's bringing back all the amazing memories from our trip to NYC is 2012. Kyle had returned from deployment in November and we wanted to take a memorable trip together.

We hopped the Amtrak and made the 12 hour journey from NC to NYC for a week. Neither one of us had been so it was amazing to explore the city together.

On the Ferry heading to Liberty Island.

9/11 Memorial

My favorite statue in Central Park, Alice in Wonderland.

S'mores at Dylan's Candy Bar

You can't pass up a chance for dessert at Serendipity III

Our dream of seeing a musical on Broadway was fulfilled, Wicked was amazing!

Rockefeller Center was beautiful at night, you can't really tell but it was still decorated for Christmas.

 I hope we have the chance to go back again at some point, even though we hit all of the tourist spots, I am sure there are diamonds in the rough that we missed.

This trip holds some of my most favorite memories!

Happy Monday!


  1. I lvoe to visit NYC.I don't get to go near enough. Some day. :)

  2. And now I'm homesick! There are some amazing jems if you ever want or need some ideas of places to go or things to see there.

  3. What a wonderful post! Thanks for sharing that trip - it looks like a blast. NYC is on my bucket list.

  4. This looks like so much fun!! I still have never seen the Alice statue in Central Park - so cool. Those s'mores are amazing, too.

  5. Aw looks awesome! Military Husband grew up about 20 minutes away from the city so he's an old pro.

    1. That would have been pretty cool!

  6. Your trip looks like fun. I look at my TimeHop and cringe at the things 16 year old me thought was "so cool" haha

  7. Oo I want to go back there. I love Wicked! And Serendipity. I got the frozen hot chocolate. So good.

  8. I love NYC!! Plus, you two just look so happy in all of these pics :)

  9. I've only ever been to the airport in NYC, I'd love to go and really see it one day. It looks amazing!

  10. Aww, great memories indeed...! Glad you had a blast in the city...! There are always news things to discover there, so I hope you guys make it up there again!!

  11. We were in NYC a few years ago for a day, after a West Point wedding. Before that, I went in 4th grade. I'd love to go back and actually explore!

  12. Great pictures!! Chris and I both have family close to NYC, hoping to take the kids when we are closer!

  13. Always nice to look back on trips. I've not been to NY city. I'm working on 2011 photos to make into a Shutterfly book. Just went thru a lot of rodeo photos that need pared down. Fun to see them again and remember our time together. We
    both like it. Just read your last few posts. Glad
    you're doing good. Hugs and enjoy time with
    your sister. I get to see my sis this weekend!
    Take care, Becky

  14. I would love to visit, these pictures look like so much fun!

  15. What a fun trip! I haven't been to NYC in a few years - might be time for another trip back!

  16. So fun! We have never been to NYC either... we were sooo hoping to make it while we live semi close in Ohio, but it's not going to happen... someday!


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