Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Help Wanted! :) *Updated*

Well, with our vacation less than a week away I am in search of some wonderful bloggers to provide guest posts for next week! I am looking for 4 people to help me out (I already have 1 lined up). You can blog about anything you like, I'm not picky. Send me a quick email and let me know if you are interested. (theadventuresofourarmylife@yahoo.com). I would need all the guest posts by Sunday so I can get them scheduled for Mon-Fri. 


Have a great day!!

*Thanks to everyone who emailed me, I have 5 wonderful bloggers lined up for next week!*. 


  1. I always want to do this, but I suck at coming up with the post. Ha ha yay for vacation being so soon!

  2. Yaaayy almost vacation! I'd love to guest post, but I always have trouble thinking of topics! I'll send an email anyway :)

  3. I would love to guest post!!!!

  4. I'll send you an email, too! Would you help me out in early August?? I'd love to have a guest post from you!

  5. Yayy for vacation!! From the update it looks like your spots are filled, but I'd be interested if you still have spaces to fill!


Love hearing from you!! :)