Thursday, June 20, 2013

Guest Post: Tales From A Sailors Soulmate

Me? Crafty?

First I want to thank Jen for giving me the chance to guest blog for her.  I really love Jen’s blog and I am so excited to be posting for her while she is on vacation!  I may be a little jealous, but hey what are you to do?  Enjoy some relaxation for me! :) On to the post!
                  When my husband joined the military and we decided to rent a townhouse, I had so many ideas on how to decorate our first home.  The only problem was we had limited funds and since I thought I didn’t have an artistic bone in my body, I was stuck staring at blank white walls that well drove me up a wall!  Not only that, but just months after moving my husband was deployed and I needed to find some way to occupy my time…queue Pinterest and crafty bloggers! I was able to find so many different ways to decorate and not only that but a number of them were inexpensive!  Only problem, I am not crafty or artistic in the least bit, can’t even draw a stick figure straight…or at least that is what I thought!
                  I decided first I would make a grapevine wreath.  My mother bought me one when we moved in, but it wasn’t for all seasons so I wanted to make a new one.  I made a supply list, printed out my coupons, and headed to Michaels.  I was like a kid in a candy store, and it was so easy to find everything I wanted, I could not wait to get home and make my very first wreath!  For the first time in my life I plugged in a hot glue gun, and hoped for no burns and a wreath that looked decent enough to be hung on our front door.  To my surprise, this is what I came up with…

I want to stress how insanely easy it was to make this wreath!  You get some leaves and flowers you like, place them where you would like them to be, then hot glue them into place, easy peasy!  Who said it’s hard to be crafty?  They lied!  I enjoyed wreath making so much, I couldn’t stop!  I was even asked to make wreaths for friends!  Talk about a great way to keep busy!

I even tried my hand at yarn and fabric wreaths with felt roses, which are just as easy, but a little more time consuming.  I really did not know I had it in me!  I didn’t stop at just wreaths though I also decided to make some wall décor…those white walls needed some color!
                  Besides the wreaths, I wanted to share with you all three of the wall projects which I have done.

These too are so easy!  The “keep calm and love a sailor” wall art as well as the kitchen wall art were made partly with the use of a cricut.  However you do not need a cricut to do these projects!  All it is, is a canvas covered with the fabric of your choice, and then you paint!  You can put stickers on the fabric and then paint over the sticker and the fabric, when it dries pull up the sticker and the fabric underneath peaks through, just like in the kitchen art above!  So cute, and easy!  The “live, laugh, love” is simply wooden letters from a craft store covered in craft paper!  You trace the letters on the craft paper, cut them out, glue the paper to the wooden letter, hot glue the letters together, and hang them on the wall!  Again easy peasy!!!  
                  I guess the point of this post is that if you want to do something crafty, and you are worried you can’t, try!  I did and now I can’t stop!  Not only do I make projects like these, but I have even tried my hand at sewing and have successfully made a few different things!  Who knew?!  I know these aren’t the best craft projects, but if I didn’t try to make that one wreath I may have never known that I have the ability to be even the slightest bit crafty!  So go out and try something crafty, you may find a side of yourself that you never even knew existed!   
Thanks again for letting me guest blog, and if anyone wants any more info on these projects please feel free to stop by my bloggy blog and ask! :)
Britt Dill


  1. Love the wreath! Need to try that one I guess. I decided to make a wreath for every season once we move into the house, can't wait!! Thanks for sharing your crafts for wanna-be crafters like me!

  2. So fun! I love wreaths and home decor! And I absolutely love my Cricut!!

  3. I agree that Pinterest can be so inspiring. I feel like I'm the non-craftiest person in the world (not by choice, by lack of creative talent) and even I've done some pretty fun things from there that turned out not too bad. :)

    I love your sailor plaque with the collage!


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