Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Guest Post: Running to Greatness

Hey guys, my name is Gaby and I blog over at Running to Greatness. I blog about running, Army life and just my life in general. I was so excited when Jen gave me to chance to guest blog for her, one because I am new to the blog world, and two because her and Kyle are awesome people! My and my army husband, Andy, have had the chance to hang out with them at a few mud races! 

Today I want to talk to you about PCSing (Permanent Change of Station) in the army. My husband is about to attend the Captains Career Course, which means come Saturday we will be on the road and PCSing to Oklahoma. It is an exciting and slightly stressful time, but it will be fun. We get to move, just for 7 months, and then we move again, craziness! 

I am not one to take super long driving trips, I mean I only got my drivers license 4 years ago, I'm from New York City, we don't drive! So when I moved out to El Paso my car was shipped with my belongings and I flew. This time around we are towing my car, not that my husband is complaining, that's why he bought a truck, right? 

The first thing we got to take part in, before we even leave, is that we had two Hail and Farewells! A Hail and Farewell is for leadership within the unit when they are entering or leaving, and we got to get farewelled from two units because my husband is in one and attached to another. He earned his colors and I was presented with the Commander's Award for Public Service for my work with the FRG, it was really exciting. The second one was last week and was a luau cookout, fun!

Now that the fun part is over, we get to drive to Oklahoma, live in a hotel for a few days, and hopefully find a great house. I just want somewhere safe and confortable for us and our puppy baby, Jimmy! I work from home so I have to like it since I will be spending most of my days there. Also, I want there to be somewhere nice to run close by. You were waiting for me to tie in running since i do have a running blog, right? haha. Well a nice neighborhood or park would be ideal, so we will see what we get! 

This is bittersweet because we had so many firsts here in El Paso, we got engaged here, had our first house here and adopted our puppy here. But we are super excited for this next chapter. If you want to keep up with us and our adventure, and my goal of achieving my greatness though running, go follow my blog!


  1. I'm off to check it out now... as I'm a noobie runner and all! :)

  2. Congrats to you both on your awards. I like your positive attitude about moving. It's always bittersweet to leave someplace we love. Good luck with your new adventure.

  3. I love running! Congrats on the awards!


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