Friday, March 16, 2012

FRG Fundraisers

The last few weeks we have been trying to get some fundraising ideas going to pay for our Battery Organizational Day in April. Last week we had our first big fundraising event.

We figured a great way to make money and get soldiers to have a good time was have a Modern Warfare 3 tournament. It was a $20 buy in and we did a tournament style bracket on a Saturday morning. The FRG sold donuts, muffins, coffee and orange juice in the morning and hotdogs, chips and sodas in the afternoon. We were surprised at the turnout and for not a lot of effort we made almost $500! 

We then decided to have a pie in the face fundraiser today. This event far exceeded our expectations! We held it after final formation this afternoon, we had senior NCO's and Officers volunteer to get pied in the face. Soldiers were able to bid on the person they wanted to pie in the face. My awesome hubby was one of them:

Haha, he was a good sport!

After it was all said and done we raised over $2,000 for the FRG! We were floored and thankful to our soldiers for participating. Our organizational day is going to be awesome!!

We have a few more planned: silent auction of gift baskets and crockpot chili sales at the range. As the time goes by I am starting to realize that we only have 2 1/2 months left here at Bragg. Our move will be here before we know it! Crazy!!

I hope you all have a great weekend!!! 


  1. Good for you guys. Sounds like a success!

  2. Wow! That is some impressive fundraising!

  3. hey, I just re? found your blog. Someone caame to mine from you! So cool Anyway, reading your article... Need anything for your silent auction? or is that over?...

  4. Can you please tell me how yall went about having a MWF 3 tournament?? That sounds like a great idea for our FRG but Im not sure how to do it.

  5. @Danielle- email me at and I can give you all the details for the MW3 tournament. :)

    1. Can you please tell me how you did the MWF3 tournament? Thanks Karen

    2. Hi Karen! Please email me at and I can give you all the information. Thanks! :)

  6. Jen - Hi there - just found your blog when searching for FRG fundraiser ideas! How did you work the silent auction? Is there a blog post about that as well that I could read? I'm curious as to how you got the items for the gift baskets - did you have to buy with FRG funds then sell tickets to do the silent auction (that's how I'm imagining it happened anyway). Or can you accept donations from places and then auction the items? I'm new to this FRG stuff! Thanks! :)

  7. Jen could you send me the details on the pie in the face Fundraiser. I'm new to the FRG and we are in need of some new ideas for fundraising. I came across your web site and loved this idea.


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