Thursday, February 16, 2012


Since I quit working a year and a half ago I have tried to find things to fill my days. Of course I became heavily involved with my FRG and I have loved it. I recently decided that it was time to expand my volunteering to outside the FRG (I am still a key caller and treasurer, and that won't change until we move).   Around Thanksgiving I was given information for an organization called Operation Homefront. They do many events for military families. I first volunteered with them during their "Thanks for Giving" event. I was instantly impressed and wanted to work more with them. Check them out and see if there are any volunteer opportunities in your area!

Thankfully, I am signed up with them for 2 upcoming events. A family readiness fair for another brigade and also the Vietnam Veterans Homecoming celebration at Charlotte Motor Speedway. I can't wait to continue my work with them and maybe it will turn into something more permanent. I also have signed to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity in March. I have never been the type of person who can sit at home and do nothing, so volunteering truly fulfills me. 

We have so much coming in the next few months within our FRG. We have a ton of fundraisers we will be doing: pie in the face (haha this will involved all of our senior leadership), MW3 tournament, Silent Auction, camo hand towels, and selling chili (it is amazing how well this does when the guys are at the range all day). We are also planning an organizational day (basically a family fun day) for soldiers and families. The event I am looking forward to the most is our battalion formal in May. This will be our last formal in division and it is bittersweet for us. 

I have already found an amazing dress and shoes for this formal:


Ahhh! I can't wait to wear them!!

Well enough blogging for today, I have some housework to get finished. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. Have you considered joining The Junior League? I was a memeber of the JL of Fayetteville when we were at Bragg, and it was a great organization!

  2. Holy bananas I can't wait to see pics!! Sassy molassy!

  3. Love the dress & shoes! May will be here before you know it!!!

  4. SO fun to hear about all that you are doing! Love the dress and shoes!!!


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