Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday Ten!!

1. I am getting super excited for my trip to Vegas in a few weeks. I know it will be good for me to spend time with my family but also incredibly bittersweet as my Mom's memorial party is on the 25th. 

2. I finally got new glasses last week. I kept putting it off and procrastinating but I figured I should get some new ones before I go on vacation. I found some super cute black and hot pink Guess frames and had to have them.

3. On July 1st, I am throwing my sister a surprise baby shower. A friend of hers offered to throw her one but ended up completely dropping the ball so I am taking over. I am soo excited to do this for her and only a few weeks after our baby nephew Grayson Christopher Glass will make his grand entrance!! 

4. Communication with Kyle has been wonderful lately. We get to talk on chat for atleast an hour everyday before he goes to bed. It helps that he has his own room so he isn't distracted by other conversations going on. 

5.  I am finally getting over a horrible cold/sinus infection. It never fails that when I come back from a trip I end up sick. I do have to say though that Afrin was my lifesaver. When I couldn't breath at night one or two sprays was all it took to clear me up (thanks to my sis for telling me it would work). 

6.  I am still working on getting things done around the house. I believe all I have left is curtains for the kitchen and dining room (yes we have been in the house a year and have yet to do that lol) I just want all the windows to be somewhat covered. I can't wait to pick them out!

7. A friend and I are heading up to Raleigh on Thursday for some retail therapy. She has never gotten the chance to go up there so I figured now was a good time. Plus, dinner at Cheesecake Factory, yes please!!!

8. Yesterday was my Dad's birthday. I know it was hard for him with my mom not being here. All his friends and family made sure to show him how much we love him and how much he means to us. I called and sang him Happy Birthday and his response to me was "you just made me cry" it was sweet.  

9. Two weeks from today is our 3 year anniversary!!! Holy cow! We both can't believe that we have been married for 3 years already. Best 3 years ever!!!

10.  This weekend I am planning on doing some serious yardwork. Yes on post we have guys who mow the lawn and everything but for some reasons weeds are sprouting up everywhere. It is driving me crazy!! I pulled a few weeds yesterday but it was just too hot. I may have to get some weed killer involved lol.

I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!!!


  1. Love your new glasses & I'm glad you are having great communication with the hubby....sounds like you have quite a bit to keep you busy & that is great!

  2. Thanks!!! :) I hope you are well!!


Love hearing from you!! :)