Sunday, June 12, 2011

neighbor from hell!!

For the last 8 months or so we have had the neighbor from hell!! This family moved in a few months after we did and there have been issues since day one. Now, let me remind you that our entire neighborhood is made up of Officers and their families, so I assumed everyone was mature enough to act as adults. Well these people have proved me completely wrong. Let me give you a little rundown of what we have been dealing with:

1. Music blaring at 2am and 7am

2. A confrontation between my husband and a friend of theirs (the man got aggressive when Kyle asked them to turn down their music at almost midnight)

3. Their bratty children running through my front yard and tearing up the grass

4. Constant dirty looks and snide comments

5. Constant flooding of my porch, side yard and backyard (let me explain)

About a month ago I walked outside and noticed that almost my entire porch was flooded (including my flower bed). I was confused because it hadn't rained and then I noticed the problem. My neighbor had her sprinkler really close to my house and I'm pretty sure it had been there for hours. I was pissed to say the least, I walked over to her house and asked if she could move it. She proceeded to muffle something under her breath and moved it. I thought the problem was solved until the next day it happened again. I had enough and called housing. They sent a notice to her about her watering (which is only supposed to be every other day for 20 minutes), it stopped for a while until yesterday. 

Let me say that I hate being the bitchy neighbor who complains but these people have pushed me to my breaking point. A few days ago I completely re-mulched my side yard and was so happy that everything was looking pretty. I walked outside at about 2pm and noticed there was water all in my new mulch, around the perimeter of my backyard fence and into my yard. Low and behold there was the sprinkler! Before I went to knock on her door I immediately called housing again, I just can't take them anymore. I did end up going to her house but no one answered the door. 

I really hope that this issue is resolved because I am tired of having water everywhere. I refuse to let this family ruin my experience living in this neighborhood because I love it here, I love my house and I love my other neighbors. 

Ok enough of my complaining, I hope everyone is having a great weekend!! I am going to go relax with a huge cup of coffee. 


  1. I know how you feel... sort of. We have neighbors that are really loud as well with music, but our neighbors also fight. There is nothing worse than hearing a couple fighting. It's happened at every single place we have lived at. That's one reason we want a house at our next duty station.

  2. I've had so many bad neighbors over the past few years that I'm starting to wonder if there are any good ones!!

  3. I know how you feel. Sometimes I don't look forward to the weekends because that means loud music and partying happening Friday through Sunday until all hours of the night. I hope housing does something about your neighbor!

  4. my goodness, I just can't understand why adaults feel the need to be so inconsiderate and even just plain rude.
    I hope things get better!

  5. Isn't it sad just how inconsiderate people can be?!?!?! Hope it gets better:)

  6. I don't understand why they feel the need to water so close to your home, or just leave the sprinkler running for that matter?! I hope the issue gets resolved, and am sorry you are having to deal with this mess.


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