Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Weekend at the Races!

This past weekend was probably one of the best times Kyle and I have had in a while! Friday evening we headed off to Charlotte to see my sister, brother-in-law and watch some good racing.

We got to our hotel room at the Hilton (thanks to Chris and Kalitta Motorsports for getting us the room.), and we lounged around for a few hours before we headed off to the airport to pick up my sister:

Hahaha, Kyle relaxing

We picked up my sister at about 11:15pm and it was sooo great to see her! Back to the hotel we went so we could meet up with Chris. It has been quite a while since we have seen him, so it was really nice. We decided it was time to get some rest so we went back to our room and went to bed.

We woke up bright and early Saturday morning, we stopped at Cracker Barrel for breakfast. Yum!!! I could eat there all the time. We got to the track and immediately headed for Kalitta's pit area. We felt so special because we got to hang out in the hospitality area, free food, drinks and best of all people watch! My brother-in-law came and hung out as much as he could on his down time:

Lisa and Chris

Me and Kyle

The team working like crazy

Qualifying finished up around 7pm, so we all headed back to the hotel to get some good. We ended up going to Smokey Bones and boy did we have fun. Between the beer and shots we were all feeling pretty good, lol. We laughed and jokes for about 2 1/2 hours until we decided to head back to the hotel. We ended up going to the bar and hanging out with the rest of the team and some of the ESPN announcers. It was awesome!!!! We finally hit our limit, so we headed back to our room at about 1am. Man was it a long night haha.

Good times!!

Oh yea we got some sun!

Lisa, Kyle and I were definitely dragging on Sunday morning, but we headed off to the track at about 9. All I can say is that Chris and the team had a great day!! They ended up going to the final but coming up a little short, they did such an amazing job!!!

Heading off for the final

Doug Kalitta and Kent backing him up

Overall it was a fantastic weekend spending time with my sister, Chris and the team was awesome!! Thank you to everyone!!

Me and Lisa after the race was over

The 4 of us!

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend!!!!

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  1. It looks like such a great time! It's so cool that you were able to get down with the crew and such


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