Friday, September 24, 2010

Third time wasn't a charm

We all know the saying "third time is a charm" well I was really hoping that that would be the case for me and Kyle. It's not. I woke up yesterday, the day I was expecting "my friend" and got nothing. A little part of me got really excited and was hoping that maybe this was it. I was going to give it a week before testing but this morning "my friend" made an appearance. As hard as I tried not to I broke down, this was our 3rd try with clomid and no success. I called Kyle on my lunch break and cried, it is so hard wanting something so much and then having it be so hard to get it. He reassured me that we will just keep trying and that it will happen when it's our time. I got through the rest of the day and headed home. I knew Kyle was on his way home so I was excited to start our weekend. He walked in and surprised me with roses, he said he got them just because he wanted me to know how much he loves me. He is definitely the best and I am so blessed.

My sister and I were talking about our (mine and Kyles) struggle. She told me that if for some reason I couldn't carry my own child that she would do it for us. Now, my sister was not the biggest fan of being pregnant, but she told me that she would do it again just so Kyle and I can have a baby. I love my sister so much for being so willling to help. She is amazing!!

I am going to call my doctors office on Monday and see where we go from here. I am sure they will recommend trying IUI which we are ok with. I'm thinking I may hold off on that until after the holidays so we can have a few months to just try on our own. I really never thought I would be 25 and struggling like this, but I have to just relax and let things happen the way they are supposed to.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. I'm so sorry hun. I'm thinking of you guys :(

  2. I'm sorry! You are incredible to be dealing with this and your mom's illness and being able to stay positive and soldier on!

  3. It's so frustrating! But just remember, one way or another, it WILL happen!

  4. I wish I could give you a hug right now. Just like Erin said, know that one way or another it is going to happen. I will say some extra prayers for you and your husband.

  5. ((hugs)) we just started to TTC (shhhh!) and it's already messing with me emotionally. What a roller coaster!

    I hope you get some answers and a healthy pregnancy soon

  6. I know it's so hard, the rollar coaster of fertility treatments suck! I have been there and know exactly how you feel. I know the last thing you want to hear is "when its right it will happen" you want to be pregnant NOW!
    I can tell you that this will make you a stronger woman and a stronger couple, and it will happen. Keep that mindset, somehow someway you guys will have a baby! I'm here if you want to talk!

  7. I found your blog through your comment on another blog "Everything Happens for a Reason" and I liked what you had to say so I thought I'd check out your blog.

    This entry made me tear up. Your sister sounds absolutely phenomenal. I wish you the best of luck in your journey!


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