Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Yay...I love Awards!!

I was super excited to received the Sweet Blog Award today from Star Spangled Stockings, if you aren't already following her blog, I highly recommend it!! She is awesome!!

Now I have the pleasure of passing it on, it is so hard to pick just 10, but here are some of my favorite Sweet Blogs:

                       1. JG at Me and My SoldierMan

                       2. Mrs. Z at Field of Dreams

                       3. Expat Girl at The Sand is Different There

                       4. Doc's girl (Noel) at Issued to a Soldier

                       5. Amber at Goodnight Moon

                      6. Bethany at A Southern Belle and Her Officer

                      7. Mrs. Bierschenk at Cowgirl and Combat Boots

                      8. Mrs. G.I. Joe at ACU's, Stiletto Shoes, and Pretty Pink Tutus

                      9. Lola at alis volat propiis

                     10. Whitney at Everything Happens for a Reason

Thank you ladies for being awesome! I really enjoy reading all of your blogs!!!


Love hearing from you!! :)