Thursday, May 13, 2010

Blog Award!!

I received an awesome blog award from Whitney @ Everything Happens For a Reason, go check out her blog!!!

The rules of this award are you must reveal 7 things about yourself, well here goes:

1. I am the youngest of 5 kids, there are 3 girls and 2 boys

2. I have 4 tattoos....ready to get more!!

3. When I was a freshman in high school, I played Mercutio in Romeo & Juliet... (it was mandatory that girls played male parts), I was excited because I got to sword fight!

4. In 2005, I went skydiving with my sister, it was probably the craziest thing I have ever done, but sooo much fun!!

5. I became an Aunt for the first time when I was 7...she is 17 now!! Crazy!!

6. Just like Whitney, I love watching shows about true crime and murders. Ever since high school I have always been interested in the psychological aspect of murderers. I will go online and search through the reading stories.

7. I love old movies!!! My favorite movie of all time is "Gone With the Wind". I watched it for the first time when I was 4 years old (probably didn't understand it), but I did sit there for all 3 hour and 59 minutes of it.

The rules of this award is to pass this along to others, but I'm going to invite all my wonderful bloggy friends, to take it!! I would love to read some fun facts about you!!

Happy Thursday!!!!


  1. Wow, 4 siblings must have been fun and crazy!! I love true crime shows and books!!!

  2. Woo! I am second to the youngest but I have 3 older brothers and 1 older sister (a little brother too). I'm ready for more tats too! And guess what? I played Crutchie in The Newsies! One of my favorite roles.


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