Thursday, March 10, 2016

To My Sister


Don’t anyone tell but I have taken over Jen’s blog today!!!  For those of you who don’t know, Jen has an awesome older sister Lisa. Well that is me!!  So today I have hijacked her blog to talk about how awesome she is!!

I am sure most of you know that Jen and I lost our Mom a few years ago to cancer and since then she and I have become incredibly close.  Not only is she my sister but she is my best friend in the world.  She is the only person who I can truly be myself with and only laughs and never judges.  Being a few years older than her and having kids of my own I have taken on a mom role to her as well.  Jen is so wonderful that she sends me a Mother’s Day card every year, not one she bought to be from my kids, but one that is from her.

You all get to catch glimpses of Jen through her blog but very few of you have seen or experienced the real Jen.  She is one that will laugh until she snorts, is opinionated as all hell, and can say some incredibly inappropriate things.  She is rad!!  So as I have sat back and watched her struggles with starting a family it broke my heart in two each time they experienced another disappointment.  As a mom with two children of my own I felt guilty that I was able to get pregnant so easily and she could not.  It is incredibly hard to watch your sister and best friend go through so many challenges and not have a way to help.  I have offered so many times to act as a surrogate or egg donor if that is what the needed and wanted them to know that I was here for anything they needed.

So when Jen called me one morning and asked if my kids wanted a cousin for Christmas my heart nearly exploded.  This time it just felt different.  I felt overwhelmed with love, excitement, and optimism that this one would work out.  And as you all know it has!!  Miss Emersyn Kay is due to join our family on August 25th and I cannot even begin to express how happy we all are.  Kyle and Jen deserve this bundle of happiness and joy so much and I am so happy that I will have a new niece to spoil and love.  

But of course my mom is still missing from this happy event and being that I was pregnant with my son Grayson when she passed away helps me to understand even more how Jen must be feeling.  But with so much joy going around there is no way that my Mom isn’t seeing it and feeling it right now.   So I hope that you all are as happy for Jen as I am and pass along as many good thoughts and prayers as possible. If anyone is interested they are registered at Target

A website has also been set up to follow along with their journey.

 Emersyn Kay 

So thanks for listening to me go on and on and on but Jen deserves t be celebrated at this amazing time in her life!!



  1. This is so sweet! So happy for Jen on this new journey in her life!

  2. Loved this post...! It's nice to "see" another side to Jen and I would LOVE to hear some of her inappropriate sayings.. ;) I'm sure we'd have a right laugh over many things if we were to ever meet IRL!! So excited for her and Kyle on this new journey!! <3

  3. That's sweet that you've posted for her. It's obvious from her posts that she's as crazy about you as you are about her. And lol at the snorting. That's fun. :) Hurray for sweet baby Emersyn!

  4. This is lovely, sisters are the best! I'm glad Jen has such great support.

  5. I am quite literally in tears over this post. This is incredibly sweet of you. I am extremely excited for her and Kyle as well as your whole family. Thank you for sharing this!

    1. You and me both. She had me in tears for sure.

  6. I truly believe that one of the very best gifts we can receive is a siblings, so the fact that you two have had each other to hold each other up during such a hard time is so incredible. This is the sweetest, most genuine post. I'm so excited for Jen!

  7. I totally do not picture you as opinionated and someone who says inappropriate things... I love it!!!! :D I seriously can not wait for y'all to have your sweet baby girl!!

  8. Beautiful! I knew you had an edgy side to ya!! haha


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