Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekend Fun!!!

What an awesome weekend!! We were going non-stop starting at 3pm on Friday, here is the run-down:

Friday: We headed off to the Holiday Inn Bordeaux to check into our room and for Kyle to check up on set up. A few friends stopped by our room for a celebratory drink beforehand because we had it stocked with good stuff. We got ready and headed down for a night of fun:

Getting Ready

After the formal portion of the ball we let loose and danced until the DJ stopped at 11:30pm. We headed back to our room with good friends Rob and Melanie and continue the party until 2am. We had the best time with all of our friends. I am so proud of my husband and everyone who helped plan this amazing event. Kyle was pleasantly surprised when he was presented the Army Achievment Medal:

Saturday: We woke up around 10am and packed up our stuff to head home. Needless to say we were both feeling it from the night before haha. We did some shopping for our Super Bowl party on Sunday and relaxed most of the day. Earlier in the week I got 6 free tickets to the Fayetteville FireAntz Hockey game so we invited a few friends and had a great time!! Even though they lost it will still a lot of fun:

Sunday: What an awesome day!!! I spent most of the morning cooking for our Super Bowl party. We had everything: barbeque meatballs, chili, hot dogs, chicken wings (homemade), artichoke spinach dip and sooo many other yummy things. There was about 13 of us hanging out and enjoying the game. We had a blast and definitely stoked that the Packers beat the Steelers! It was a blast!

I am resting now from our jam-packed weekend lol, it was definitely worth it. I hope everyone had an awesome weekend!!!

I am going to leave you with this picture from the photo booth at the ball:


  1. How fun! I love any excuse to get dressed up. :) You looked so pretty!

  2. Looks like a fabulous fun filled weekend!!!


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