Saturday, February 19, 2011

Valentine's Day Getaway

Earlier this week my hubby and I decided to have a nice one night getaway to Raleigh. We booked our room at the Renaissance Hotel for Friday night, it is a beautiful 4 Star Hotel:

We checked into our gorgeous room (there was even a 20 inch tv built into the bathroom mirror!!!!) and decided to head off to the Crabtree Valley Mall. After a little shopping we decided to have dinner here:

Yum!!! After we enjoyed some amazing Mongolian Beef and Sesame Chicken we decided to enjoy dessert here:

My favorite place!!!

After an amazing day with my love we decided to have a few drinks at the bar at the Hotel. We had fun people watching and chit-chatting with our bartender Peter. I am truly blessed to have such an amazing husband. I enjoy more than anything just spending time together laughing and taking advantage of the time we do have. I am so thankful for him:

(he was laughing, lol, so cute when he squints)

We woke up at 9am this morning to head down to breakfast before we left. I also was super excited about my gift, a new iPhone 4!! I have been figuring it out all day and having a blast!

Overall it has been a great weekend and we still have a few days left of this long weekend. Tomorrow we are going to a co-workers of Kyle's house for a mid-day barbeque, it should be a great time!

Kyle leaves Monday night for a week but that is ok it will give me some time to get details figured out his birthday bash figured out!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!!



  1. We went up to Raleigh on Wednesday and went to Cheesecake Factory too! Wish they had one down here. How did your appointment go on Thursday? They told me the same thing as Monday...

  2. Hey Lady, you've got a blog award waiting on my site!

  3. It's so funny...after living in Raleigh for a year...I forget people vacation there!


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