Wednesday, February 23, 2011

PCS?! Yes Please!

Ok, so even though we have about a year before we PCS I am SO ready! With Kyle's impending deployment we know that this next year is going to fly by (hopefully). We have been talking lately about how we want to go about this move. We know that a few months before Kyle comes home he is going to start talking to branch about getting a CCC (Captains Career Course) date for when he comes home.

I will be so excited when we get orders and can head off to here:

As much as we both love Fort Bragg we are both ready for a change. It will be a huge adjustment especially for Kyle. Being with the 82nd for 3 years (4 years by the time we leave) is a different side of the Army. He is looking forward to a slower pace. We would love come back here later down the road, but right now we want to see somewhere else.

We will spend 6 1/2 months at Fort Huachuca (Arizona) and then who knows from there.

 Kyle is down in Florida for a week at MacDill AFB and he sent me this picture:

Hmmm....maybe we could get posted here!?!?! We have a few friends that are posted there with the Army and absolutely love it.

No matter where we go it will be nice to have different scenery for a little while.


  1. I'm on MacDill and we're getting ready to PCS... I'm definitely going to miss that view!

  2. Evan and I were out at Huachuca for the MICCC over the summer. If you have any questions, let me know. It's pretty out there but not much to do at all. I would also love to be stationed at MacDill. It's beautiful down there!

  3. Looks like you are on the same path we are. We should be here at Bliss for the next 3 or so years, then going to Huachuca for CCC as well.


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