Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekend Recap

I can honestly say that Kyle and I had one of the best weekends! It started out on Friday morning, we headed to Cracker Barrell for breakfast before driving to Concord. We hit the road and arrived at Great Wolf Lodge around 3:30pm, we got checked in and made our way to our room and this is what greeted us:

Our awesome room!

We roamed around and checked out everything, we got excited when we saw this:

At 5pm we had our first 2 hour session, it was great and we both learned a lot. We were released at 7 to do what we wanted! We had dinner and a few drinks and enjoyed the night.

Saturday, we had all day to ourselves. We had a blast at the waterpark, went to the huge Concord Mills Mall and walked around (and bought a new Coach purse haha), rode go-carts, played laser tag, and went back to the waterpark. After dinner we spent about 2 hours in the Arcade it was awesome!!! We met a few other couples for drinks at the bar and enjoyed great company.

Sunday, we had our last session and said goodbye. We got home around 4 and I started cooking our Thanksgiving dinner. It turned out amazing!! Now Kyle will have plenty of leftovers to last him while I am gone.

I was hopeful that this week would start out good seeing as it is a short week. It did not happen! First, there was a huge blow-up at my work between my two bosses (they are brothers) and my boss has decided to leave the firm (ie: I will be out of a job after the 1st of the year). It is frustrating but I completely understand.

Second, my Dad called me to give me the update on my Mom. She had her appt in Arizona today and we found out that the cancer did not originate in her pancreas, it originated in her lungs (the cancer in her pancreas is gone) and now she has a tumor on her vertebrae (which is causing her severe pain). She will go back on Dec 5 for radiation to get rid of that tumor. It feels like for every step forward there are two steps back. In order to lift her spirits, I told her we were coming home for Christmas and she is over the moon!!! It made my heart smile to hear the joy in her voice.

Well everyone, I probably won't  be blogging for a week or so. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoys time with family and friends!!

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  1. I know it's got to be so incredibly hard to find the positives at times but keep finding them for your mom. I will continue to say a prayer for her and that this new round will be quick so she can get back on this road of recovery.


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