Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekend in Review

This weekend was definitely an awesome few days, here is a recap of the events:

Friday: Kyle and I were both off work by 3pm which is a rarity for both of us. We both have been battling horrible colds all week so it was nice to just relax. I was in bed by 7:45 that night and got a much needed 12 hours of sleep.

Saturday: I woke up refreshed and was surprised by Kyle as he got me a spa day gift certificate to use whenever I want. He is soo good to me and I am truly blessed. We met up with our friends at the driving range on post. I honestly never thought I would say this but I love playing golf!! I even acquired my own set of clubs last weekend. I find it incredibly relaxing. After an hour there it was time for lunch at Jason's Deli (one of my favorite places) and then off to Best Buy. I bought "Sex and the City 2", so when we got home I put my jammies on and relaxed in bed. We watched "Clash of the Titans" that night and headed off to bed early because we had a big day ahead on Sunday.

Sunday: This was day we had been looking forward to for the last few months. Kyle, Jeremy, Kristina and I headed off to Raleigh at around 10:30am. When we arrived at Fred Fletcher Park we were welcomed by a sea of Purple!! What a beautiful sight! After registration we listened to a local band play and then it was time for the introduction. We found out that over 700 participants had entered and over $90,000 was raised for Pancreatic Cancer research. Amazing!!!! Before the race started I called my Mom to tell her I loved her, of course I got teary because I knew that what we were participating in has an affect on her. We were so honored to run in support of her! Kyle was nice enough to run at my pace and we finished, it was emotional and so humbling!!

Almost to the finish

After we finished we headed back home and went out for a celebratory dinner! It was an honor to participate in such an amazing event!!!

It was back to the normal grind today but my boss was nice enough to let us go at 4:30 definitely not complaining. Looking forward to the day off Thursday and playing some more golf!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Happy Monday!


  1. WOW a spa pass OMG! Your hubs and mine need to hangout haha that is AWESOME... I'm glad you got some rest and you feel a little better.

  2. I'm so glad you had a nice weekend. What an awesome thing you guys participated in for your mom & every other victim of this cancer!!! So sweet of your hubby to get you a spa deserve it & I know you will definitely enjoy it!!!


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