Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Weekend in Photos

Kyle is finally finished with rotation and he got to enjoy the long weekend. To be honest we didn't do much and it was absolutely glorious. It was nice to just lay around the house for the most part and just enjoy each others company. 

Friday we ventured off to a local music store (well music/gun/motorcycle store haha), and he picked up this beauty that he had been eyeing for a week or so. He definitely deserves it, we are calling it an early Father's Day gift. :)

One thing I had been putting off all week was finishing up my research proposal draft for my Social Psychology class, but I finally managed to get it done. It took a lot of cursing, tea, and rewrites but it's done and submitted.

The best part of the weekend was that our community pool opened! Woo!!! The weather has been perfect so it's been nice to spend an hour there just relaxing.

We even did more work in Emersyn's room and that feels like a huge weight has been lifted. We are only 12ish weeks away from meeting our daughter! Ahhhh!!!! :) 

Have a great day!


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend!

  3. Fun!

    Hanging out by the pool is always relaxing.

    1. It's been really nice, but now we are dealing with lots of rain. Boo!

  4. Glad you had a good weekend and I'm sure Kyle will enjoy his guitar. He can sing lullabies to Emersyn!

  5. I need some pool time!! I need a relaxing weekend like yours!!

  6. Hurrah for progress in your daughter's room. And hurrah too that the pool is open. :)

  7. I can't believe you are 12 weeks away! That is exciting!

  8. I'm glad you were able to have a relaxing weekend! <3

  9. Sometimes it's nice to just have a relaxing weekend with nothing planned :) so excited for you to meet her so SOON!!


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