Saturday, January 7, 2012

Crazy Happenings!

I am so happy that it is finally the weekend! I feel like I have been going non-stop all week and yesterday was no exception. I headed up to Kyle's work for the Bravo Battery Change of Command, it was good to see everyone and welcome in their new commander. Afterwards I headed to lunch with our battalion commanders wife and a few other ladies, it was nice to just relax with some good company and good food.

Last night Kyle and I had our monthly bingo date (yes we are old haha). We always have such a great time and it doesn't matter if we win or lose. As the night went on we got down to our last few games and I remember Kyle leaning over and saying "I just need one more number!" and sure enough it was called! He was so excited that he won (he claims he never wins anything) and he collected his winnings. We thought that was going to be the most exciting part of our night, but boy were we wrong.

At about midnight, we were up watching tv and all of the sudden someone rang our doorbell. Of course after what happened while Kyle was deployed I freaked out. He looked out the peephole and there was no one there. I immediately called the police to report it. Kyle went upstairs to see if he could see anyone and low and behold he saw two people crouching behind our neighbors car trying to hide. About 2 minutes later when they thought they were in the clear they started walking down our street so we went outside to get them to stop. Thankfully the MP's showed up right away and we found out that they were 16 year old kids staying with their brother in another neighborhood, they had no ID's on them and we were out past curfew. The MP's took our statements and information and took the kids back to their brothers house. It was nice to know that the MP's take this seriously and handled the situation.

I am going to relax the rest of the weekend and lounge around the house. I am going to be really busy the next two weeks so I am taking advantage of this down time. Kyle is headed up to Durham right now helping out a friend of ours, so I am sitting in my jammies watching netflix.

I hope you all have a great weekend!!!


  1. Yay for Bingo winnings! bingo is always fun, no matter how old you are:) Wow, glad the MP's showed up & nothing else happened to you guys! Enjoy your relaxing day!

  2. Nice to meet you,Jen.
    It seems you are having great time.

    Have a great week!


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