Sunday, December 11, 2011

Fun times!

Oh man what a weekend! Yesterday was the anticipated jump for Kyle and it was awesome!!! We got out to the drop zone at 3:30am and he headed off at 4:30 to get ready. A friend and I waited patiently for his Jump which was at 8:20am. Well time passed quickly and finally saw this:

(sorry for the small print but the arrow is pointing to Kyle, lol)

After the jump they had the presentation of the foreign wings:

The Cambodian Jumpmaster pinning on Kyle's wings

Here they are:

Awesome, huh?!

So excited and super tired!

He will only wear these wings on his dress blues and if he receives any others he can only wear one set at a time.  He had a pretty rough landing and is nursing a pretty sore back today.

We came home and got some much needed rest. We headed off to a friends house for a promotion party for her husband and stayed for an hour or so. It was a good time but we were both wiped out and headed home. Today has been a very lazy day, I headed to the store to pick up all my ingredients for my baking extravaganza for Kyle's work. Every year I made a bunch of goodies for the guys for Christmas and this year is my biggest year since it's our last with the battalion.

I will post pictures tomorrow once I get everything done! Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. How neat! I think it's also impressive that you could find your husband in that picture!

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  4. hope you had a great time baking! and i love those lazy days :D


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