Sunday, December 18, 2011

Low Key Weekend

This weekend has been pretty relaxing (which we both need). On Friday Kyle was home early from work and we lounged around the house until we met up with some friends for dinner. We headed off to meet two other couples at one of our favorite mexican restaurants. It was a great night of food, fun, and great conversation. We headed home at about 10pm because Kyle was on Jumpmaster duties for a jump on Saturday so he had to be up at 2am.

Saturday was my day to get some cleaning and grocery shopping done. I headed off to the store while Kyle was still at work, I didn't realize how busy Walmart would be but then again there are only 7 shopping days until Christmas. After Kyle got home we decided to go play bingo on post. We had the BEST time, I had never really played "real" bingo and thankfully you can get all the cards on a little hand held computer device. It made things so much easier. We decided to play all the games and special games (about 19 total). We just went for the heck of it and had no expectation to win. Well, I ended up winning a game!!!! We walked out of there $300 richer lol. 

This was definitely me! LOL!

Today is our typical Sunday routine: breakfast, laundry, cleaning and lots of football. I am going to start looking at hotels for our trip to New York at the end of January, we are so excited for this trip!!!! 

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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