Saturday, November 26, 2011

Homecoming Pictures

I figured I would post a few pictures from the Homecoming yesterday. It was such a great day and the days leading up to it seemed to drag by. Here are some of my favorite pictures:

Me and Mary Catherine going to get our husbands!

Here it comes!!!!

We literally hung on to each other the whole time lol (oh and if you are wondering MC is a Chaplains wife and the sign she is holding says "Come and Get Me Chaplain!" haha)

Yay first man off!! This happens to be Kyle's battalion commander, LTC Bailey

Formation in the hangar.

Finally back where he belongs!


Enma and Fishy were so excited to see their daddy last night after I picked him up at work. Emma has not left his side and I am sure she won't for a while. We have been having a very lazy weekend so far consisting of catching up on our favorite shows. We had our Thanksgiving together today since he missed  it. It is amazing to have him home!! 

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday weekend!!


  1. Hooray! What a wonderful way to start the holiday season!

  2. Great pictures!!! You look fabulous, so glad he is home!

  3. Conratulations. How wonderful!

  4. Oh! This made me cry! I used to be an Army wife. :( Love your blog! I am a new follower of your blog! :) Erin

  5. Whoops! I was signed into my work email:) Cherry Blossoms was really me:)

  6. i am so happy for you! what great pics too.


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