Sunday, October 9, 2011

Goals for Deployment

Since Kyle left almost 5 months ago we set a few goals for ourselves while he was gone. I am sooo happy that we are making our way down the list and checking things off. Here is our list and what we have accomplished:

pay off credit card    ✔

 build up savings (this is a constant work in progress)

donating or throwing out stuff we don't need ✔ 

pay more of the principal balance on my car loan ✔

invest money ✔

It has been so nice following through and getting these goals complete. The biggest goal was getting our credit card paid and a huge weight has been lifted. 

It seems like I haven't really sat down and written a real blog post in quite some time. I have been keeping very busy with FRG stuff. I am our treasurer, a key caller and part of the care team. We are in the process of planning our Fall Festival and we think it is going to be a wonderful event for all the families. We will have games, cookie decorating, decorating pumpkins (we opted against carving haha), and lots of prizes to give out. My friends Melanie, Karrie and I decided to dress up as the 3 Blind Mice, something simple but hilarious. 

This weekend was pretty low-key for me. I spent pretty much all afternoon yesterday washing both vehicles. Let me tell you Kyle's car could have easily been an all day adventure lol. I really hadn't touched his car except to occasionally drive it, so it was a mess. It is spotless now and hopefully will stay that way even after he is home. 

Today, I hung out with a good friend of mine. We shopped, had lunch and just enjoyed a girls day. It was nice to be out and about. Now it is time to just relax and enjoy a quiet evening. 

I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend!!


  1. Your FRG puts ours to shame. I'd love to do a fall festival or Christmas party but I can barely twist enough arms to get people to come to quarterly meetings!

    Great job checking off your list. Those are all major items! We've got a similar deployment list, mostly just paying off debt. At least we'll get that out of it.

  2. congrats! During my husbands first deployment i made a list of goals and i swear it was the best thing to keep me motivated.. survive and thrive!


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